Fourth of July Occult Significance

Fourth of July Occult Significance

Old World Florida / Dr Narco Longo

20:00 Florida astrology

27:00 State of Liberty

Fourth of July Occult Significance

The Historical Society, Boston University. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day, July 4, 1826. Both were old men—Adams was 90, and Jefferson was 83—and both were ill, though Adams had been in comparatively robust health until just a few months earlier and Jefferson had been ill. Adam’s last words,”Jefferson Lives!”

Longo lawyers swear allegiance to the queen.

Maurice Cotterell has a truly excellent youtube pair named SECRETS OF THE SUPERGODS that explains astrology from an engineering perspective involving only the (Jesuit-theorized) sun and inner planets.

Lady Liberty – eunich from Semiramis’ court – it’s a dude

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