David Sereda & Pyramid Technology

5151 is a vibrational address.

David Sereda explains findings about Giza and quantum entanglement. Spooky action at a distance, encoded or entrained by vibrations (and not necessarily distance).

~15 minutes in, info about 51’51. 5.151 MHz, etc.



David Sereda is a researcher and author known for his exploration of various scientific and metaphysical topics, including pyramid technology. Sereda has investigated the potential properties and effects of pyramid structures, drawing on both scientific research and esoteric traditions. Here’s an overview of David Sereda’s work on pyramid technology:

1. **Energy Properties of Pyramids**: Sereda has explored the idea that pyramid structures possess unique energetic properties that may have beneficial effects on physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. He suggests that pyramids may act as amplifiers or concentrators of energy, potentially influencing the surrounding environment and individuals within their vicinity.

2. **Resonance and Harmonics**: Sereda proposes that pyramids resonate with specific frequencies and harmonic vibrations, which he believes can have profound effects on consciousness and consciousness. He suggests that the geometric shape of pyramids, particularly their proportions and angles, may create resonance patterns that interact with the natural frequencies of the Earth and the human body.

3. **Healing and Meditation**: Sereda explores the potential therapeutic applications of pyramid technology, suggesting that spending time inside or near pyramids may promote relaxation, stress reduction, and healing. He theorizes that the energy fields generated by pyramids may help balance the body’s subtle energies and chakras, leading to improved overall health and vitality.

4. **Research and Experiments**: Sereda has conducted experiments and observations to study the effects of pyramid technology firsthand. He has documented personal experiences and anecdotal evidence of the benefits of spending time in or near pyramids, as well as collaborations with other researchers to measure the energetic properties of pyramid structures using scientific instruments.

5. **Integration of Science and Spirituality**: Sereda’s work on pyramid technology reflects his broader interest in bridging the gap between science and spirituality. He explores how scientific principles can be applied to investigate esoteric phenomena and how ancient wisdom traditions can inform modern scientific understanding.

Overall, David Sereda’s exploration of pyramid technology represents a synthesis of scientific inquiry and metaphysical exploration. While his ideas remain controversial within the mainstream scientific community, they have inspired curiosity and experimentation among individuals interested in alternative approaches to health, consciousness, and spirituality.

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