Mind Control, Ultimate Brave New World

part 1
https://www.nexusmagazine.com/products/  free-downloads/doc_download/76-mind-contr  ol-the-ultimate-brave-new-world-part-1-of  -2

By Dr Nick Begich. Technologies for stimulating the brain and controlling the mind can have benefits, but they have a dark side that military and intelligence planners have been exploiting for decades.

part 2
https://www.nexusmagazine.com/products/  free-downloads/doc_download/77-mind-contr  ol-the-ultimate-brave-new-world-part-2-of  -2

By Dr Nick Begich. New technologies to control the mind, change behaviour and even transfer thoughts for good or ill have been created using sound as well as external and internal electrostimulation of the brain.


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