Magnetic Fields of the Human Body and their Functions – Manly P Hall



Manly P. Hall was a Canadian-born author, lecturer, and mystic who gained prominence for his teachings on esoteric subjects, including philosophy, religion, and the occult. While he did not specialize in scientific research, he often incorporated scientific concepts into his lectures and writings, blending them with metaphysical and spiritual interpretations.

In his discussions on the magnetic fields of the human body, Hall likely drew from various esoteric traditions and mystical philosophies that view the human being as a complex energetic system. According to these beliefs, the human body is thought to emit subtle energy fields, often referred to as auras or biofields, which interact with the surrounding environment and influence health, consciousness, and spiritual well-being.

While mainstream science acknowledges the existence of electromagnetic fields generated by the human body, such as those produced by the heart and brain, the concept of auras or subtle energy fields remains controversial and is not supported by empirical evidence.

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