Magnetic Fields of the Human Body and their Functions – Manly P Hall

Manly P. Hall was a prolific author, lecturer, and philosopher known for his extensive writings on a wide range of esoteric and metaphysical topics. While he explored various aspects of spirituality, symbolism, and ancient wisdom traditions, there is no direct evidence to suggest that he specifically delved into the topic of the magnetic fields of the human body and their functions.

However, the concept of the human body having electromagnetic fields and their potential functions is a subject that has been explored by various researchers and practitioners within alternative and complementary medicine, energy healing, and holistic health.

According to some alternative healing modalities and spiritual traditions, the human body is believed to emit subtle energy fields or biofields that interact with and influence physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. These biofields are often described in terms of electromagnetic energy, with proponents suggesting that they play a role in regulating physiological processes, maintaining health, and facilitating healing.

While mainstream science acknowledges the existence of the body’s electromagnetic fields, such as those produced by the heart and brain, the precise nature and functions of these fields are still the subject of ongoing research and debate. Some studies have explored the potential therapeutic applications of electromagnetic fields in areas such as pain management, tissue regeneration, and neurological disorders.

It’s important to approach discussions about the magnetic fields of the human body and their functions with critical thinking and discernment, considering both scientific evidence and alternative perspectives. While individuals like Manly P. Hall may have contributed to discussions about the human body’s subtle energies and spiritual aspects, their teachings should be evaluated in the context of their philosophical and metaphysical frameworks.



Manly P. Hall was a Canadian-born author, lecturer, and mystic who gained prominence for his teachings on esoteric subjects, including philosophy, religion, and the occult. While he did not specialize in scientific research, he often incorporated scientific concepts into his lectures and writings, blending them with metaphysical and spiritual interpretations.

In his discussions on the magnetic fields of the human body, Hall likely drew from various esoteric traditions and mystical philosophies that view the human being as a complex energetic system. According to these beliefs, the human body is thought to emit subtle energy fields, often referred to as auras or biofields, which interact with the surrounding environment and influence health, consciousness, and spiritual well-being.

While mainstream science acknowledges the existence of electromagnetic fields generated by the human body, such as those produced by the heart and brain, the concept of auras or subtle energy fields remains controversial and is not supported by empirical evidence.

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