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Light & Color Healing presented by Thomas Joseph Brown – intro to Royal Raymond Rife and Dinshah Ghadiali work, and understand even more how biogeometry works.

The concept of the “49 Octaves of Sound and Light” is a metaphysical theory that explores the relationship between sound, light, and consciousness. It is often associated with esoteric or New Age beliefs and is not grounded in mainstream scientific understanding.

In this theory, it is proposed that there are 49 octaves of sound and light frequencies that extend beyond the range of human perception. Each octave is said to correspond to a different level of consciousness or spiritual vibration, with higher octaves associated with states of enlightenment, transcendence, or cosmic awareness.

The idea of octaves in sound and light is borrowed from music theory, where an octave represents a doubling or halving of frequency. In the context of the “49 Octaves of Sound and Light,” it is suggested that each octave represents a higher frequency band beyond the audible and visible spectrum, extending into realms of consciousness that are inaccessible to ordinary perception.

While the concept of the “49 Octaves of Sound and Light” may hold symbolic or metaphorical significance for some individuals within certain spiritual or metaphysical traditions, it is important to recognize that it lacks empirical evidence and scientific validation. As such, it is considered a speculative or subjective belief rather than a scientifically supported theory.

It’s worth noting that ideas about the relationship between sound, light, and consciousness have been explored in various spiritual and philosophical traditions throughout history. However, interpretations of these concepts vary widely, and there is no consensus within the scientific community regarding the existence of discrete “octaves” of consciousness or the precise nature of their relationship to sound and light frequencies.

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