Vortex Based Mathematics Presentation starring Marko Rodin & Randy Powell — Enneagram of Gurdjieff

Numerology, the number 9, and much more. A new way to conceptualize with number theory.

Take any number (except divisible by 3) and double it, double it, double it, etc, six times, writing down each doubled result.

Evaluate each doubled result, adding together the values of all digits; do this recursively until only a single digit remains for each number.  2 becomes 2.  22 becomes 4.  222 becomes 44 becomes 8.  779 becomes 23 becomes 5.

Every time, the resulting sequence will be

1 .. 2 .. 4 .. 8 .. 7 .. 5

Plotting that onto a number-wheel (below) shows what is called a Gurdjieff Enneagram, what Marko Rodin calls the number of fingerprint of God.





Image from https://www.gurdjieff.justwizard.com/Enneagram.html

…and from that blog:

“More importantly, is the assignment of the 7 positions of the octave as follows: ‘re’ to position 1, ‘mi’ to position 2, ‘fa’ to position 4, ‘sol’ to position 5, ‘la’ to position 7 and ‘ti’ to position 8. The apex of the triangle at 9 is then ‘do’ to represent lower ‘do’ and its completion at the higher ‘do’. Thus the Gurdjieff Enneagram incorporates the law of Seven (Heptaparaparshinokh), the law of Three (Triamazikamno), the law of Ninefoldness, the sacred law of Six (the inner lines), and the law of Twelve (the intersection of these lines with the inner triangle).”


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