Eric P. Dollard, On Music & Harmonics. Spokane, WA 2015

Conversation with Telsa-scientist Eric P. Dollard. Interviewed by Charles Roland Berry & Yogi Robert Emin. This is a true story of suppressed technology. Some powerful people don’t want the rest of us to have access to new technology– unless of course those people can make billions of dollars from the rest of us. Professor Dollard no longer works in the radio or energy- he cares more about music. And, no one has found a way to suppress music, at least not yet.

2 thoughts on “Eric P. Dollard, On Music & Harmonics. Spokane, WA 2015”

  1. 26:00 into video

    “What are the problems of ‘digital sound’?”

    EPD – “Distortion. It can’t reproduce transients … it’s incapable. … if the slew rate exceeds the stepping rate then the whole thing just glitches on itself and produces a quantizing distortion and spurious signal. That’s why choral music sounds so horrible when it’s digitally reproduced – it just trashes [the sound quality]…”

  2. “What Tesla accomplished is the greatest discovery in mankind. The transmission lines you see everywhere, along the roads in every place you go, these allows us to have a giant drive shaft that we can take rotary motion from like a massive turbine plant and convey it thru an electromagnetic structure that operates with reflected waves and time frames. This work just like a drive shaft, it bounces back and forth, twists, and rotates. But you can stand outside and look at those thick power lines that go down any public street and in the space between those lines, the energy there is the energy of a giant railroad locomotive moving at 95% of the speed of light down the space between those wires, and there is no evidence that anything at all is happening except that the wires are slightly pushed apart and warm. So it’s a type of drive shaft that exists in another dimension. Then you put the synchronous machine on the other end (of that power line) and you couple out of that (electrical) drive shaft like a transmission and you have rotary force again. These things (rotary Tesla generators) are no more than stamped iron in patterns. By making this special arch form and its influences on the formative forces in the Ether …Tesla’s invention is the most powerful arch form the human race has ever conceived.” – Eric P Dollard

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