Music, Language, Knowledge, Wisdom & Spirit of Ancient Ireland

Gerard Banks sharing knowledge and speaking openly about the ancient spirit, wisdom and culture of the ancient Irish, our natural language and our ancient spiritual connection to earth and the rest of the ancient world not only Ancient Egypt but also ancient connections to the Moai and New Zealand Maori people.

Covering topics from spirituality to law and take a look at the past in the hopes of understanding the present, How the Roman alphabet was also introduced to alter and suppress the natural harmonics and frequency of native Irish language.. and how we need to progress from here in harmony with our ancient heritage and the heritage of all other ancient global societies today. .

He also speaks about what the “Battle of the Boyne” was really about in spiritual nature, how it was actually a ritual.. and the founding of sectarian violence in Ireland and how this ritual was used to divide the spiritual dna of Ireland. Sectarian = Section-Terain or to keep a people and nation divided for a reason. Why King James of house Stewart and his nephew King William of House Orange / Nassau organised this family affair (pretend battle) at the Boyne Valley.. Why did this family and representatives from all over the world have to come to Ireland to symbolize there transition and rule of the Reign of House Stewart to House Hanover..

Why did they need to come to Ireland and the Boyne Valley to do this? and how this effected the education of false laws in Ireland today and how universities today are being commercially educated on untrue laws which only benefit the commercial exploitation of Ireland for false commercial empires today who continue to ruin the world for corporate profit, and how this goes against the very spirit, dna, and heritage of the ancient Irish.

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