From Four or Five Pro DJ’s to Inumerable – How the July 1977 “Summer of Sam” Blackout in NYC contributed mightily to the sudden rise of Hip-Hop


Thousands of looters on Broadway.

KRS One: “I’m bugging out because church-going, upstanding citizens, the ones you know are teachers and doctors and ‘in the community’ – they are now reduced to looters, thieves and rioters.”

When there is no light, man is reduced to animal.



3:10 into video

“You couldn’t just say, I’m gonna be a DJ. You needed equipment… Before that blackout, you know, [NYC] had literally just maybe four or five legitimate DJ crews. The next day – the very next day – there sprung this whole revolution of DJs. That was a huge spark, and a huge contribution to the Hip-Hop culture.”

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