“I don’t always listen to Journey, but when I do so do the neighbors.”

Other comments from the video, about musicianship, sound quality, singer range, etc., emotion, power, joy —

you know, all these guys were good on their instruments. Steve Smith.. never one lick out of place. Ross. same. Jonathan… just solid and a perfect match for the band Nothing flashy. Neil… fiery solos and aggressive playing but always just right to the edge. Then Perry…. just amazing range and ability. 4 singers, too.
Reminder: You are not hearing any auto-tune, it’s pure talent and skill.
No flashy lights, or screens, or effects. Just 5 guys doing what they did best…..making great & timeless music.
As pure and natural as a band should be. No theatrics like nasty or gangster garbage, only love and life with God given talents for all of us to enjoy!


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