Can you not hear the stark differences between $200, $2,000, $20,000, and $200,000 guitars?


Brandon Acker importance of characteristics —

Playability – not fighting the player



Projection (un-trapped)

Sustain – all fundamental, no overtone, coloration


Notes on guitars and price points —

$200 guitar – overbuilt inside for abuse, cheap laminated top.  Sound is trapped, no colored overtones.

$2k guitar – solid top but laminated sides and back.  Sound has immediate booming / blooming resonance (deemed good).  Nice bass end, good for drop-D tuning.  Action in mid fingerboard begins to fight player.  Huge change from $200 guitar.

$20k guitar – Brune (Segovia).  Brazilian rosewood sides and back; bearclaw top.  Resonance is immediately even, not bass-heavy booming.  The feel, the timbre, the ease of playing is night-and-day.  Lots of overtones, amazing sustain.  16:05 “wow, the clarity”.  Super clear.  Precise.  18:23 — “It becomes an extension of you. … We want the tool to be as invisible as possible; we want the immediacy of the intention to reach the audience uninhibited.”  Halo of overtones.

$200k guitar – Herman Hauser (manuf).  Comparatively light; better balance.  Good smell.  Settles into player’s body, doesn’t tend to fall away.   Sweet sounding E right away, tuning blew him away within a few notes.  When playing, the other guitars in the room also resonated.  Inertia of sound, a solidity without overbearing.  Tone and clarity and also power, immediately noticeable on the recording (no changes made to recording equipment).  Maybe doing 25% of the work he was doing with the $200 guitar.  So sweet.


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