Symphony! The Inheritors Stole The Music! It Was Composed by Giants! — Martin Liedtke — Scores, Instruments, Bridges, Cannonballs, Bells


From the comments:

“In a lecture about ‘millionaire raw’ on Long Island, NY. Almost all those old mansions had Organs. There are still pictures of those houses and organs in them. Later so many fires happened and many those mansions were gone with fire.”

Martin, finally! Finally someone has brought up the music issue! I have been concentrating on the music aspect of the “tartarian” theory for almost a year. I might email you at this point. But let’s all think of the simplest aspect: how come nowadays no one is able to compose the music that we had two hundred years ago? Not even the best pianist, the best violinist? It’s not for the lack of culture or means, because there are people that dedicate their entire time to music, and have the best skills and best professors, no. It’s not a cultural problem. It’s more like the “landing on the moon”.. It’s not like we have lost the technology, rather we never composed that music! Whomever composed those symphonies we enjoy so much, were not like us, they thought and dreamt and talked differently. They knew how to connect “vertically” to creation, maybe “channel” as we say nowadays. And also, I don’t think we are able to HEAR everything that’s supposed to be heard in the so-called classical music, because it was surely composed and recorded at different hertz, depending on the key note.  Anyway, we are not the descendants of those composers. And we don’t even know at this point, whether, for example, Beethoven has composed any of it, or his family has found this thousands year old music in the basement and gave it to the child to play.
You will never find a “Civil War” photograph with the necessary (given the amount of destruction, brick rubble) number of cannon-balls strewn in the rubble. In fact, you will never find a single photograph showing any cannon-balls at all strewn in the rubble. This impossible fact is so incredibly out-of-bounds, best indicating the fraud of cannon-balls having been used as kinetic impact ammunition.

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