THE BODY MAGNETIC — PHYSICAL SOURCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS, THE PARANORMAL AND SURVIVAL — James E Beichler, The Parapsychological Association Convention 2012


Beichler, a physicist, proposes a theory that suggests consciousness, paranormal phenomena, and survival may have physical origins related to electromagnetic fields within the body.

Both human and non-human living organisms have traditionally been viewed and studied as material organisms.

Within this context, life has been defined by the biochemical processes that sustain the living organisms, while mind and consciousness have been relegated to functions within the brain. Yet the body is just a complex pattern of energetic material particle exchanges to physicists when compared to the biochemical processes studied by chemists and biologists. As the scientific view of life has expanded beyond these early limits, new research has centered more upon the electric, magnetic and electromagnetic characteristics of living material bodies as well as the brain, but the overall concept of life has not kept pace or changed at all.

Once these new research efforts have been taken into account, it is easy to demonstrate that life, or rather the “living force” as it was once called, can be equated to the overall matter/energy pattern of the organism, while mind and consciousness can be equated to the electric and magnetic counterparts of the matter/energy pattern of living organisms. Doing so does nothing to disrupt or disturb the current thinking that the ‘process of life’ is purely biochemical. In fact, all living organisms, from the simplest one-celled organism to the most complex living organism known, a human, are extremely complex material/energy patterns (comprising the structural and biochemical body) superposed by the extremely complex electric (electromagnetic scalar potential) field patterns and magnetic (electromagnetic vector potential) field patterns that constitute minds and consciousness.

As humans, we may have the most complex and advanced mind and consciousness, but all other living organisms display mind and consciousness at various lower levels than our human mind and consciousness. The brain alone should no longer be considered the sole source and home of mind and consciousness. Mind and consciousness have mistakenly become associated with the brain and no other part of the body because of the dense concentration of neurons in the brain, a fact which can only be understood by studying the electric and especially the magnetic characteristics of the neuron. A strict study of the magnetic (electromagnetic vector potential) field patterns associated with neurons and neural nets demonstrates how thoughts and streams of thought originate in the brain and are stored magnetically at and within the points in space-time occupied by the brain and body.

Microtubules, which act as magnetic induction coils, are the primary structural bio-unit used for building, storing and retrieving memories in the mind. In a very strict sense of the concepts, mind and consciousness could be considered a mixed four-dimensional electric-magnetic potential field holographic body that maintains a semi-independent existence with the material/energy field or structural/biochemical body of every living organism.

The consequences of this physical model of mind and consciousness are revolutionary and imply a physical basis for(Darwinian) evolution as well as simple explanations of many paranormal phenomena, including the survival ofmind and consciousness after death of the material body.

James E. Beichler

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“The Body Magnetic: Physical Source of Consciousness, the Paranormal, and Survival” is a presentation by James E. Beichler that was delivered at the Parapsychological Association Convention in 2012. Beichler, a physicist, proposes a theory that suggests consciousness, paranormal phenomena, and survival may have physical origins related to electromagnetic fields within the body.

Beichler’s theory posits that the brain’s electromagnetic field plays a central role in generating consciousness and may also be involved in paranormal experiences and survival beyond physical death. He suggests that consciousness arises from interactions between the brain’s electromagnetic field and quantum processes at the subatomic level.

The presentation likely explores various aspects of Beichler’s theory, including the relationship between consciousness and electromagnetic fields, potential mechanisms for paranormal phenomena such as telepathy or precognition, and implications for the survival of consciousness after death.

It’s important to note that while Beichler’s ideas may be intriguing, they are speculative and not widely accepted within the scientific community. The relationship between consciousness and physical processes in the brain remains an area of active research and debate among scientists and philosophers.

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