Your kidds can meet Satan, in claymation! — Creepiest scene from any kid’s movie – Adventures of Mark Twain

A “kidd” is a baby goat.  Go figure.



Critique video:


The connection between Satan, claymation, and Mark Twain may refer to “The Adventures of Mark Twain,” a claymation film released in 1985. In this film, there is a segment titled “The Mysterious Stranger,” which is based on an unfinished work by Mark Twain. In this segment, Satan appears as a character who interacts with the protagonist, a young boy named Tom Sawyer.

In “The Mysterious Stranger” segment, Satan is depicted as a mysterious and enigmatic figure who challenges the young protagonist’s understanding of the world and morality. The portrayal of Satan in this claymation film is based on Mark Twain’s portrayal of the character in his writings, particularly in the unfinished novel “The Mysterious Stranger.”

The claymation film “The Adventures of Mark Twain” explores themes of innocence, curiosity, and the nature of good and evil, drawing upon Mark Twain’s literary works and incorporating fantastical elements through the use of claymation animation. The inclusion of Satan as a character in the film serves to add depth and philosophical complexity to the narrative, reflecting Twain’s own skepticism and questioning of conventional beliefs and morality.

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