What Does Music Mean Anymore? – Fran Blanche

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Fran Blanche is a musician, inventor, engineer, and YouTube content creator known for her expertise in electronics, music, and DIY projects. She is the founder of Frantone Electronics, a boutique guitar effects pedal company, and has gained recognition for her work in the field of electronic music and technology.

Here are some key points about Fran Blanche:

1. **Frantone Electronics**: Fran Blanche founded Frantone Electronics in the late 1990s, where she designed and hand-built a range of high-quality guitar effects pedals known for their unique sound and distinctive aesthetic. Frantone pedals gained a loyal following among musicians and collectors, with some models becoming highly sought-after on the vintage market.

2. **Engineering and Invention**: Blanche is a skilled engineer and inventor, with a background in electrical engineering and a passion for tinkering and experimentation. She has designed and built a wide variety of electronic devices, including guitar pedals, synthesizers, amplifiers, and audio equipment.

3. **YouTube Channel**: Blanche runs a popular YouTube channel where she shares videos on a diverse range of topics, including electronics tutorials, DIY projects, music gear reviews, vintage technology, and historical trivia. Her engaging and informative videos have attracted a large following of enthusiasts, makers, musicians, and tech enthusiasts.

4. **Advocacy and Education**: Blanche is known for her advocacy work promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education, particularly for women and underrepresented groups in the field of engineering and technology. She is a vocal proponent of hands-on learning, experimentation, and creativity in STEM education.

5. **Music**: In addition to her work in electronics and technology, Blanche is a talented musician and composer. She has released music under her own name and has collaborated with other artists on various projects. Her passion for music often intersects with her interest in electronics, as demonstrated in her DIY projects and music-related content.

Overall, Fran Blanche is a multifaceted and talented individual whose work spans the fields of electronics, music, engineering, and education. Her contributions to the DIY and maker communities, as well as her advocacy for STEM education and gender diversity in technology, have made her a respected figure in the worlds of electronics and music.

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  1. From the comments —

    The only thing that will get people re-interested in music is having them perform it themselves. Music is not really a listening-intended experience much more than dance is an observer sport.

    Step 1 would be remove maximization, stop the dynamic compression that squishes everything into 2dB spread between quiet and loud.

    Music has become what I said 20 years ago — it begins as white-noise and then components are removed, not added.


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