88MPH: The Story of the DeLorean Time Machine – the dream of any creative person, to be involved in something that gets a life of its own

“No car manufactured in the 1980s had a spedometer that went above 85 mph. … Anybody who goes and looks inside a real DeLorean will see that the spedometer only goes up to 85.” — 52:00 in


### Unveiling the DeLorean Time Machine: A DIY Journey Through Time

In the iconic movie “Back to the Future,” one of the most memorable elements is the time-traveling DeLorean car. A sleek and futuristic vehicle turned into a homemade time machine, the DeLorean is a symbol of creativity, ingenuity, and the timeless allure of time travel itself. Let’s dive into the technology and homemade aspect that make the DeLorean time machine so captivating.

#### The DeLorean: A Car of the Future

The DeLorean DMC-12, designed by the legendary John DeLorean, was initially envisioned as a sports car of the future. With its stainless steel body and distinctive gull-wing doors, it already had a futuristic appeal. However, it was the movie “Back to the Future” that transformed this car into an icon of time travel.

#### Time Circuits and Flux Capacitor: The Heart of the Machine

Central to the DeLorean’s transformation into a time machine are its time circuits and the legendary flux capacitor. While in the movie, Doc Brown (played by Christopher Lloyd) explains the complex science behind these devices, in reality, it’s the imagination of the filmmakers that brought them to life.

The time circuits, with their digital display and flashing lights, give the DeLorean its time-traveling capabilities. Paired with the flux capacitor, which “makes time travel possible” according to Doc Brown, these components turn the car into a vessel capable of traversing different eras.

#### DIY Time Travel: From Concept to Reality

What makes the DeLorean time machine even more fascinating is its homemade aspect. In the movie’s storyline, Doc Brown converts the car into a time machine using spare parts and his inventive genius. This portrayal of DIY time travel resonates with audiences, sparking imaginations and inspiring tinkering and experimentation.

In the real world, fans of the movie have taken the concept of a DeLorean time machine to new heights. From replica builds featuring authentic details like the time circuits and flux capacitor to functional conversions that incorporate modern technology for special effects, enthusiasts have brought the DeLorean time machine to life in remarkable ways.

#### Timeless Appeal and Cultural Impact

Decades after its debut on the silver screen, the DeLorean time machine continues to capture hearts and minds. Its appearance in popular culture, from movies to video games and fan conventions, cements its status as an enduring symbol of time travel and adventure.

In conclusion, the DeLorean time machine from “Back to the Future” represents the perfect blend of futuristic design, imaginative technology, and the DIY spirit. It reminds us that with a touch of creativity and a dash of innovation, anything is possible—even journeying through time in a homemade car.



“There was an on-board transformer on the car so they were running 9,000 volts to the neon tubes, so on like a wet morning it was really exciting to be around that car, just crackling and buzzing, you know.” — 54:15 in

“You know, if you have a crush on someone, maybe you send them a note or something.  You’re waiting for the reply.  You hardly dare look in the mailbox, because there’s so much riding on it, right?  And that’s how it is to work on a movie that you have hopes for.  You can hardly bear to wait until the thing comes out…” — 56:04


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