Disconnecting cell-from-soul — One spiritual consideration of veganism and vegetariana versus the omni-carnacious: Eating an orange vs hamburger – how killing an animal may be in fact quicker, kinder, more merciful than mauling a fruit

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Kids Lose Their SOUL! Until Scientists Learn the Electrical Engineering of Ensoulment w Dan Winter


The argument against killing animals to eat them could be equally made against killing plants to eat them; both killings are destroying the nodal clusters of energy and transmuting that energy.”

—-> “same argument but not same outcome, a cow or a orange is not the same, or reason to grow.”

——–> “I submit that’s an human perception…until we reincarnate as a cow and an orange, and carry those genetic memes thru reincarnation, back to human awareness, then we can’t really know…

“Moreover, since the cow, and its perception and senses and perhaps connection-to-soul (via the brain) promptly “ends” when blood stops and brain stops; whereas, the plant keeps on living / trying to live, even as we are peeling it, pulling it apart and grinding / juicing or gnashing it with teeth. It seems an argument could be that killing the cow is merciful whereas we routinely magnificently torture plants.

“Of course, if we ‘zoom in’ to DNA level, with every molecule presumed an ‘antenna’ of sorts, isn’t the slicing and cooking and chewing and dissolving with (stomach) acid quicker and more merciful (by way of the cooking that sooner-on destroys the DNA and presumably breaks the antenna / connection to soul energy(ies)) to the cow than the often-prepared “raw” fruit or juice? I’d bet the orange has a different view, entirely! RUSH song THE TREES touches on this tangentially, IMO.”




Here’s how chatgpt responds —

prompt:  consider how cooking destroys DNA molecules and thus breaks the theoretically connection from cell to soul; therefore, isn’t killing and cooking food in fact more merciful than peeling and eating it raw, from a spiritual and energetic viewpoint


That’s a fascinating and quite philosophical perspective to consider, especially in terms of how the treatment of food might affect its spiritual or energetic attributes. Here’s a breakdown of the scientific and philosophical aspects:

### Scientific Perspective
– **DNA in Food**: DNA molecules in cells are indeed complex structures that carry genetic information. Cooking generally denatures these molecules, meaning it breaks down the DNA into smaller components by disrupting the hydrogen bonds and uncoiling the DNA helix.
– **Effect of Cooking**: When food is cooked, the high heat not only denatures DNA but also proteins and other cellular structures, effectively killing the cells. This process also makes some nutrients more digestible and bioavailable while eliminating harmful bacteria and other pathogens.

### Spiritual and Energetic Perspective
– **Raw vs. Cooked Food**: From a spiritual or energetic viewpoint, the act of eating raw vs. cooked food could be seen differently depending on the philosophy or belief system. In some traditions, raw food is considered to carry more “life force” or “prana” because it is still in a living state. This life force is believed to be beneficial for one’s own life energy.
– **Mercy in Eating**: Your theory proposes an interesting idea: if cooking destroys the DNA and thus the connection from cell to soul, then cooking could be seen as a way to release the food’s spirit or energy, possibly making it more “merciful” than consuming it raw. This perspective suggests that cooking the food helps in easing any transition of energy from being a part of a living organism to becoming nourishment for another.

### Philosophical Implications
– **Respect for Food**: Regardless of raw or cooked, a perspective that views the consumption of food as an interaction of energies might emphasize respect and gratitude for the food consumed. This can be seen in many cultural practices where blessings or thanks are given before meals.
– **Holistic View**: Some might argue that the manner in which food is prepared and consumed can affect not only physical health but also spiritual and emotional wellbeing. This aligns with philosophies that see eating as a holistic act that involves body, mind, and spirit.

In summary, whether one considers cooking more merciful than eating raw from a spiritual and energetic viewpoint can vary greatly depending on individual beliefs about the nature of life, energy, and the spiritual integrity of food. It’s a profound and deeply personal topic that intersects with both science and spirituality.

Turns out this topic is too taboo for DALL-E —
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This could stray into cannibalism and psycho-spiritual aspects of shrunken heads, trinkets, even ‘serial killing’ (particularly Jeffrey Dahmer) using keepsakes (frozen heads) as means to “retain” company, presence, companionship.  An argument might be made that keeping and tending plants is another form of cannibalism…plantibalism.
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