Kids Lose Their SOUL! Until Scientists Learn the Electrical Engineering of Ensoulment w Dan Winter


### The Mystical Universe of Dan Winter: Implosion, Aether Physics, and the Energy of the Soul

In the realm of alternative physics and esoteric science, Dan Winter stands out as a figure who has intricately woven the concepts of implosion, aether physics, vortex energy, and the ancient understandings of chi and qi into a comprehensive theory that touches upon the very essence of life and consciousness. This blog post delves deep into Winter’s theories, exploring their implications for understanding the universe and our own spiritual and physical wellbeing.

#### Understanding Implosion and Aether Physics

Dan Winter’s concept of implosion revolves around the idea of centripetal forces — forces that lead to a convergence or ‘implosion’ rather than an outward explosion. This principle is fundamental in his understanding of how energy systems, from the macrocosmic spirals of galaxies to the microcosmic spirals of DNA, maintain their coherence and vitality. Winter posits that implosion is not merely a physical phenomenon but a revitalizing process that can harness the zero-point energy of the vacuum — what many might call the ‘aether’ or the fundamental fabric of the cosmos.

Aether physics, a largely dismissed concept in mainstream physics, suggests that there is a subtle medium filling the universe, through which electromagnetic waves and possibly other forms of energy travel. Winter rejuvenates this concept, integrating it with modern theories of the quantum vacuum, and suggests that aether or etheric energy operates through patterns of implosion, essentially fueling life and consciousness.

#### Vortex Energy: The Spirals of Life

Central to Winter’s thesis is the importance of vortex energy — observable in the spiraling patterns of hurricanes, galaxies, and even plants. These natural vortices, according to Winter, are not merely physical patterns but are direct manifestations of the underlying etheric energy field. He suggests that these vortices help in organizing energy in a way that is sustainable and life-promoting, following the path of least resistance and yet accumulating energy rather than dissipating it.

#### Chi and Qi Energy: The Breath of Life

Chi or qi, traditional concepts found in Chinese culture and metaphysics, refer to the vital life force that flows through all living beings. Winter’s approach connects these ancient ideas with his theory of implosion and vortex energy, proposing that chi is essentially bioenergy that operates through etheric fields and implosive patterns. Practices such as Tai Chi or Qigong, which emphasize the flow and balance of chi, can be seen as methods to harness vortex energy, promoting health and vitality by aligning the body’s movements with the fundamental patterns of the universe.

#### The Energy of the Soul: A Connection Beyond the Physical

Perhaps the most profound aspect of Dan Winter’s theories is his exploration of the soul’s energy. He describes the soul not as an abstract, ethereal concept, but as a tangible pattern of etheric energy that can persist beyond the physical. According to Winter, the coherence of the soul’s energy pattern is maintained by living a life in harmony with the fractal and implosive principles of the universe — essentially, a life of emotional and spiritual coherence.

Winter suggests that the practices which cultivate emotional balance and spiritual clarity (like meditation and mindful compassion) can stabilize the soul’s energy through life and beyond, echoing the beliefs of many spiritual traditions that emphasize alignment with the universal flow.

#### Conclusion: A Universe Alive with Energy

Dan Winter’s theories offer a captivating blend of science, mysticism, and spirituality. They challenge us to reconsider our understanding of physics and the universe, suggesting that energy, consciousness, and life are far more interconnected than we might think. By exploring implosion, aether physics, vortex energy, and the energies of chi, qi, and the soul, Winter invites us to see the universe not as a mechanical system of parts but as a dynamic, living whole, pulsating with life and consciousness.

Whether one fully subscribes to his views or not, Dan Winter’s work undeniably enriches the dialogue between science and spirituality, urging us to look deeper into the nature of reality and our place within it.




PDF – Thomas Bearden – Gravitobiology – A new biophysics

( source)


~18:00 in — Priore frequencies (heal cancer) — 3 Hz, 10 Hz, 32 Hz, 80 Hz — per Dan Winter slide


The cadueceus symbol / shape IS the imploding wave.


Super interesting the anti-aging of the ‘Egyptian lightbulbs’.


~19:00 in — “The reason Stonehenge existed, and most pyramids — their function was to trigger the germination of seeds.”  Centripetal force is the reason seeds germinate.  The sucking implosion of aetheric / ambient energy, sunlight, etc.

“What’s called the ‘aether’ in physics is actually a superfluid of charge, and the compression and rarefaction of that superfluid named charge …[its] spectrum goes from infrasound to optical, etc, so the nature of that unified field is a superfluid…and most of that charge propagated in what’s called a plasma which is simply a cloud of charge, which is 99.999% of the universe by definition [an electromagnetic soup].” — ~20:00 in

“The argument against killing animals to eat them could be equally made against killing plants to eat them; both killings are destroying the nodal clusters of energy and transmuting that energy.”


Ancestral communications — scintillation, per John Dee —


Golden ratio velocity is faster than light, Raymond Chao – ~35:00 —

Bearden’s Gravitobiology — equations prove coherent longitudinal interferometry is the only physics of all ‘action at a distance’ and the only physics of gravity waves.

Every spiritual story on Earth is about ‘action at a distance’, what Einstein called Spooky.

Jedi Physics, for kids —

Global wireless power – Tesla — Tesla didn’t know the frequencies nor where the nodes are.

Physics of Kundalini, by Bentov

Book: Arthur T Winfree: When Time Breaks Down, physics of cardiac arrythmia.


Breath rate IS the control mechanism.  0.1Hz (10 seconds per cycle) is the tuning mechanism to control biofeedback.  ~43:00

Rearrange magnetism to look like a rose.  PRAGUE arrangment of magnetics at meteorite impact.  Source of alchemy, study of magnetics.

Gary Skelling.


Sacred dimensions


DNA as fractal antenna


TENEN INSTITUTE carries on from 51:00 in — “origin of alphabets” —

RE the origin of alphabets — didn’t Stan Tenen of Meru Foundation litigate against Dan Winter? What was the outcome of that, except the delay of gain for humanity?”

Water as DNA radio.  DNA codons, implosion, water, hydrogen.

“Dan will probably not get the extreme kudos deserved until well after he has departed and reincarnated. He is the missing link, the ignored link, the necessary link between theoreticians and practicians.”

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