The Alchemy of Rainbow Heart Music : How Paranormal Sonofusion Subverts the Matrix Conspiracy


In no way do I claim credit for this book, nor am I claiming any money for writing it. I amexplicitly challenging the reader to take a wild ride. Admittedly I throw in a bit of non sequiturs as if I’m playing free jazz: The logical connection is there but on a slightly different level thatwill be made apparent soon after. There may appear to be a contradiction – and it is one on aconceptual level. Then I will cycle in earlier information but at a higher level of intensity, usingit in a new manner – a spiraldance. It’s a free improv book and also a bit of a “coming of age”memoir – although in a non-traditional manner.



This book is hard to read, and it covers a lot of ground, some of it out of comfort zones…and it would be easily dismissed as another crazy rant, except for the overabundance of validly sourced gems such as this:

The key point is that the microtubules are activated by ultrasound resonance and the latest research done by Hameroff is that the mircotubules resonate from 12 Khz up to the Mhz with 8 Mhz ultrasound creating “enhanced mood.” 378

Sony announced that ultrasound ionization is the key for a new Matrix technology in development. 379

The inner ear transduction which also uses ultrasound is now considered a “sixth sense” – proprioception – for new technologies (i.e. the Brain Port) already enabling paranormal realities – 360 degree night vision for Army rangers, seeing with the tongue underwater for Navy seals, and exchanging information directly through the atmosphere from the brain – telepathy. 380

As the article states: “There’s a reasonably well-accepted sixth sense (or fifth and a half, at least) called proprioception. A network of nerves, in conjunction with the inner ear, tells the brain where the body and all its parts are and how they’re oriented.” These Brain Ports are being developed for military use and a new type is now relying on ultrasound: With the new grant from DARPA, the lab is now turning its attention toward developing applications for US soldiers. Instead of using the technology to repair damaged brain circuits, the researchers are exploring how ultrasound can affect healthy brain circuits. They have developed working and conceptual prototypes of ballistic helmets embedded with ultrasound transducers and microcontroller devices. 381

It’s now been proven that our sense of touch and sense of hearing are interwoven…

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