Alberta Solar – Maximum VLF Radio Expedition – August 2000 by Stephen P. McGreevy

August 2000 Solar-Maximum Natural VLF Radio Stereo-Recording Expedition to Alberta, Canada. Between 06 and 14 August 2000 during a period of high solar-activity, I set-up two delta-loop-antenna stereo cross-azimuth recording systems to capture the magnetosphere’s spectacular natural VLF radio reception in north-western Alberta near the Whitemud River to the west of Dixonville, Alberta. “The Music of the Magnetosphere.”

Portions of these recordings (only a small fraction) appear in “Disc 1” of “Auroral Chorus III: Music of the Magnetosphere also at Internet Archives (AC-III guide included here as it also has a write-up about this August 2000 VLF expedition).

My other albums at Internet Archives: “Electric Enigma” album by Irdial Discs, and the “Auroral Chorus: Music of the Magnetosphere” series I to IV: all are at Internet Archives

On this particular VLF stereo-recording expedition, I spent a week during the peak of Solar-Cycle 23 in northern Alberta Canada in early August 2000. I van-camped in the Canadian Boreal-forest with two loop-antenna receivers (magnetic-field) connected to two-cross-azimuth loop-antennas, and captured these gorgeous natural VLF radio signals of Earth’s Magnetosphere. This was my second most-spectacular Canadian stereo VLF recording expedition undertaken. Longer recordings from the original archival recordings from cassette-tapes are being added in the summer of 2011 and Spring of 2012.

Saskatchewan Stereo VLF Expedition, Summer 2001: Included herein is a 29-minute stereo compilation of natural VLF radio phenomena recorded in northern-central Saskatchewan, Canada late June 2001. The two loop antennae and receivers were identical to the Alberta August 2000 Expedition, however, as solar-activity was far-lower in 2001, the VLF recordings from Saskatchewan have more subtle and less “dramatic” activity compared to in Alberta August 2000.

A 2010 album entitled “Auroral Chorus IV: Music of the Magnetosphere – Desert Whistlers” is here at Internet Archives – the link given below is where my 2011-2012 VLF (Mojave Desert) recordings are being archived, as well as older recordings from throughout the western USA deserts (and some from my Canadian recording expeditions also):  horusIvMusicOfTheMagnetosphere

Stephen P. McGreevy – N6NKS, June 2010 (Updates in August 2011, April and July 2012).

Aurora Photography by Stephen P. McGreevy, August 2000 (standard film, Canon AE-1).

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