Do they even make good amps anymore?

Do they even make good amps anymore

We currently offer two models of mobile tube amp — the more expensive BaM235, and the less expensive Liquid. Both are class A input and driver stages, with push-pull, class AB1 output stage. — Milbert, the Most Musical Amplifiers

“Continuing engineering” generally seems to try to get more (or at least the same) for less, and that often results in general, broad cheapening, homogenization. This could mean ‘more power for less dollars’, ‘more heat dissipation for less heat sink’, ‘more songs for less encumbrance’, or something else; however, more sound quality for less hasn’t seemed to have have been a common consideration…maybe because sound quality has mainstreamed.

How many persons presently buying car audio for sport or hobby have heard first-hand a vinyl album or cassette tape? When you’ve got Sting and a thousand others of the world’s best singers in your shirt pocket, what impetus is left to sing, or to otherwise forego convenience and quantity, no matter how awful the MP3 or other compression makes the sound quality?

Someone called the other day asking about an old Nak TD700 head. I’m wondering how much the ever-increasing convenience, and ever-hurrying freneticism, that drives that ever-lessening sources is to blame for the dismal state.

Someone I know just a got super-duper new car with everything, including ten-speaker sound system. I’m sure it’s absolutely perfect — I heard it make sound, yes; be musical, not really; emotionally engage, LOL. It’s like listening to a MIDI drum machine – you can’t stand it after a very short while.

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