Homogenization of DMB’s “sound” ?


From the video comments —

“I think the overall sound quality is becoming homogenized. The players switch up instruments nearly with every song, presumably to get differing sounds? Possibly for fresh strings to keep in-tune after such full-blast playing. The drums sound more homogenous than ever — every song now has the exact same power level, all compressed into about 1 dB of dynamic range, and all sounds the same. The Gibraltar rack has done its typical, making the overall kit either too high or too low, and it has nearly zero “give”, almost no discernible vibration…well, that dampens natural resonance and further compresses and homogenizes the sounds that should otherwise interact and affect each other [(compare drum rack to setting drum onto concrete floor or thick metal shelf which ALWAYS causes dulling, damping — contrast to every single other instrument, ALWAYS having thin legs and small feet, ALWAYS in attempt to ISOLATE resonant instrument body from ground / floor / immovable / damping / deadening)]. For starters, CB could switch up snare drums and hi-hats from song-to-song. Long time fan, definitely not liking the general sound direction of things. When #41 has overall identical “sound” and tonality to UTTAD, and German Heavy Industrial Metal has more dynamic range, something is Quite Unright IMHO. I prefer dynamic range and gaping instrument character vastness amongst the songs. Anyone else?”


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