When “high-end audio” goes absurder — beeswax filled AC mains / line fuses: “not a subtle upgrade”


“This fuse will give you tighter bass and yet sound relaxed – very natural sounding. The sound stage will become bigger and deeper, more detailed, better layering, better micro detail but with a relaxed musical presentation. This is not a subtle upgrade from the Ultimate Beeswax SHD fuse which will stay in the line up. For people that have to have the best this is it! Global retail price is $240.00 each.”

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This kind of shite is precisely what gives “high-end audio” its ever-worsening farcical taint.

No doubt, a future serious upgrade will be “borosilicate lab glass” upgraded cylinders, enlarged and thickened nickel-plated OFC copper end caps (with vacuum sealing (!) and tumble-roughened of course to improve mating grip; check back frequently for the coming-soon series of massively over-built custom fuse-holders (!)), solid OFC copper end-pins with high-temperature silver solder treatment, component nano alignment with microscope verification photo (online!), plus flash cryo-dipping and rolling (in triple-certified GMO-free organic European corn starch) on bola-wood pre-compressed rollers!  All for only an additional $190 per fuse.  Buy a five-pack, keep a few spares, because their audible improvements actually improve with age!!




2 thoughts on “When “high-end audio” goes absurder — beeswax filled AC mains / line fuses: “not a subtle upgrade””

  1. If it’s true that a beeswax-filled AC mains fuse (yes, that short little fusible link that melts to protect malfunctioning equipment) provides substantial audible sonic improvement that is “not a subtle upgrade”, wouldn’t it seem likely that providing a beeswax-impregnated AC line cable would really reach outer limits?

  2. Would setting a piece of high-end audio gear upon a bees’ honeycomb provide natural hexalographic improvement to the sound via vibrational damping and “magneticidal” scalar-nodal-point absorption? Would a fuse that is hexagonal or square instead of round provide improved sound quality that is also “not a subtle upgrade”?

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