Baltimore Key Bridge #8 — Reagan. Esper. Star Wars. Directed Energy Weapons introduced 1983.

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Metal-melting, dissolving, disintegrating beam and directed energy weapons are not “new” or “mysterious” but instead are many decades-old technologies not being hidden at all except by omission and oafish deniers exhibiting obstinate ignorance or intending to mislead.

Raytheon’s beam / directed energy weapons on proud public display —

Lockheed Martin beam / directed energy weapons —

The list goes on and on…tip-of-iceberg keywords:

THOR weapon

HEL weapon



President Reagan introduced Directed Energy Weapons back in 1983

Remember when President Reagan announced “STAR WARS” weapons system back in the 1980s?  Only a fool would think that a joke or somehow diminshed or faded away.


“We decided in 1979 to deploy new weapons, beginning this year, as a deterrent…” — 8:58 into President Reagan’s SDI / STAR WARS speech, delivered 23 March 1983, White House, Washington, D.C. — — that means the weapons were designed, tested, produced, deployed and ready for military combat —


Secretary of Defense Mark Esper ( Trump regime ) — Confirmed military Directed Energy Weapons in 2020 — “Thanks to our largest research and development budget in the department [of defense]’s history, we are advancing critical technologies to maintain our military edge in areas such as hypersonic weapons, directed energy and autonomous systems.” — 2:33 into


Not hiding but promoting a new kind of directed energy beam weapon —

Making light of it —

Only fools and idiots (or intentional deceivers / misleaders) laugh now —


BELOW: Similar resultant damage may indicate similar cause — Steel was molten, wilted, paint burned off by superheated steel.  But, there was no ultra-intense fire outside that day.  Maybe something else was involved, another kind of energy?  Even if emotions are squelched, the touchy implications are extreme.  But, what of those many minds and reality-paradigms already decades behind?  Fodder?  Surely not so useful going forward?


BELOW: Maybe this was a more recent test?




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0:50 in: “The compact LASER recently demonstrated its pinpointed precision…”


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