What “founded” really means — it means what we found after the mudflood – Coming to grips with the ‘thousand years’ that was added to our history…

Excavations reveal entire levels “built” underground.  Probably they weren’t really; instead, what most likely happened is that the buildings pre-existed our recorded history and were simply “founded” by us, post-mud-flood / post-cataclysm.  What makes more sense?  Either that, or our near ancestors were built facades underground and then buried them!  Those “in-charge” of “higher” education, therefore, are to be mightily suspect in deception, no?  Autodidactic gives an exceptional delve into ‘we must trust their word’ false history versus denying our own senses and findings, living reality.  I for one choose to believe my own eyes, senses, mind, findings.

~7:00 in — examination of Mormon Temple, Salt Lake City, UT

“…no tools anywhere, just rubble…rubble and dirt.  Now what happened here is they did an excavation on [the base of] this building, and this is what they [founded] … clearly a whole other level underground … 30 feet underground.  … Why has this been hidden?  …clearly they did not build this underground, and clearly it has not filled up with this much dirt in the last hundred years or so.  They knew this was here [the mud-flooded buildings partially underground], and they’ve hidden this.  They’ve hidden it from us. … they’ve also hidden that there was a huge event [cataclysm] in our recent past, few hundred years.”


Distortion of History – The Controllers




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