What My Guitar Taught Me About Improving Education: Steve Joordens

Steve Joordens is a multiple award-winning lecturer at the University of Toronto Scarborough. His passion for teaching is reflected every year in the faces of the 1800 students in Introductory Psychology. He is continuously engaging his students with…



Steve Joordens is indeed a highly acclaimed lecturer at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC). He is known for his innovative teaching methods and dedication to enhancing student learning experiences. Here are some key points about Steve Joordens:

1. **Teaching Excellence**: Steve Joordens has received numerous awards for his teaching excellence, including the 3M National Teaching Fellowship, which is one of the highest honors for teaching in Canada. He has also been recognized with the President’s Teaching Award at UTSC.

2. **Psychology Professor**: Joordens is a professor of psychology at UTSC, where he conducts research and teaches courses on topics such as cognitive psychology, memory, and learning. His research interests include educational technology, online learning, and the impact of digital media on cognition.

3. **Online Learning Innovator**: Joordens is a pioneer in the field of online education and has developed several innovative online learning platforms and tools. One of his most well-known initiatives is PeerScholar, a web-based peer assessment tool designed to improve critical thinking and writing skills.

4. **Public Speaker and Advocate**: In addition to his work in academia, Joordens is a sought-after public speaker and advocate for science education. He has given TEDx talks and keynote presentations at conferences around the world, highlighting the importance of evidence-based teaching practices and the need for greater access to quality education.

5. **Media Presence**: Joordens is frequently featured in the media as an expert commentator on topics related to psychology, education, and technology. He has appeared on television programs, radio shows, and podcasts, sharing his insights on the science of learning and effective teaching strategies.

Overall, Steve Joordens’ contributions to teaching and learning have had a significant impact both within and beyond the university setting. His innovative approaches to education, coupled with his passion for sharing knowledge and inspiring others, have earned him widespread recognition and acclaim as a leading educator and advocate for excellence in teaching and learning.

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