The Mind Control manipulations of the illuminati Music Industry [Mark Devlin – New Horizons 2014]

The 22nd of September 2014. Mark Devlin gives a stunning presentation to New Horizons Saint Annes…The Mind Control manipulations of the illuminati Music Industry.

Mark Devlin is a UK-based club and radio DJ, music journalist and author, and is renowned for his understanding of what’s really going on in the music media.

In 2010, Mark underwent what he refers to as a conscious awakening, sparking questions about the nature of reality; consciousness; our true selves; and who, or what, is really controlling most aspects of daily human life. His special area of interest is how this ties into the mainstream music industry and the way in which A-list artists are used to manipulate and mind-control the masses in line with a much larger agenda.

The subject area encompasses lyrical content, production methods, recording frequencies, back-masking, predictive programming, the apparent use of mind control techniques on many A-list artists, the suggestion of industry ritual sacrifices, and the occult symbolism now being routinely placed in music videos.



In Mark Devlin’s presentation titled “The Mind Control manipulations of the illuminati Music Industry,” which he delivered at New Horizons in 2014, he likely explores his perspectives on the influence of the Illuminati and other clandestine groups on the music industry, particularly regarding the use of mind control techniques. Here’s an overview of what might be covered:

1. **Introduction to the Illuminati**: Devlin may provide background information on the Illuminati, a purported secret society believed by some conspiracy theorists to wield significant influence over global affairs. He may discuss the historical origins of the Illuminati and its alleged involvement in various conspiracies.

2. **Music Industry Manipulation**: Devlin may argue that the music industry is controlled by powerful elites affiliated with the Illuminati, who use it as a tool for social engineering, propaganda, and mind control. He may highlight examples of symbolism, imagery, and messaging in popular music that are believed to reflect Illuminati agendas.

3. **Mind Control Techniques**: Devlin may discuss various techniques used by the music industry to influence and manipulate audiences’ thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. These techniques may include subliminal messaging, psychological conditioning, trauma-based mind control, and the use of symbolism and archetypes.

4. **Symbolism and Ritual**: Devlin may analyze the prevalence of occult symbolism, ritualistic imagery, and esoteric themes in music videos, album artwork, and live performances. He may suggest that these symbols and rituals serve as vehicles for transmitting hidden messages and indoctrinating listeners into occult belief systems.

5. **Cultural Hegemony and Social Engineering**: Devlin may argue that the music industry plays a central role in shaping cultural norms, values, and perceptions, thereby exerting control over society at large. He may discuss how the proliferation of certain musical genres, artists, and narratives serves to reinforce dominant ideologies and maintain social hierarchy.

6. **Resistance and Awareness**: Devlin may encourage audiences to critically analyze and question the messages and imagery presented in mainstream music. He may advocate for greater awareness of the manipulative tactics employed by the music industry and the need for independent thought and discernment.

Overall, Mark Devlin’s presentation likely offers a provocative exploration of the intersection between music, power, and control, drawing on conspiracy theories about the Illuminati and their alleged influence over the entertainment industry. While his views may be controversial and subject to debate, they raise important questions about the nature of media manipulation and the potential impact on individual and collective consciousness.

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