Origins of CERN and Radium



foreign [Music] howdy everybody

welcome to another uh episode in this

ongoing radium series uh it’s been a long one in the making so

to say I’ve been sitting on a lot of this material for some time and you know

finding the time to put it together and present it in some kind of

um linear fashion has been rather difficult

um although I’m happy that I started at the beginning

with uh you know the the keys to to uh

aerial flight the secret stereo flight and how incredibly important that article is

at kind of blowing open the idea that

um the atomic table as we know it has been altered in

um the identification of certain elements manipulated

and correlating that to our timeline world wars advanced technology so on and

so forth um thinking back through the last

article or I’m sorry the last episode we did on radium I can’t even remember now so uh bear with me here as we go check

this out real quick um where are we at now

was it the lightning uh radium the secret of the sun stars

and the firmament yeah so we’ve we’ve covered quite a lot

here um you know showing the correlations between lightning the sun

um in future articles we’re going to talk a little bit more about sunspots

um you know the sun in helium the discovery you know the discovery of helium in its relation to radium was a

huge marker in correlation to uh understanding the Sun

and I’ve stated again and again that I believe radium was one of the principal

elements um of the old world

or Old Worlds um Atlantean if you will

and yeah as the thumbnail States before I get too far off topic

the origins of CERN in the relation of radium now that’s a big statement to make but this article

we’re going to get into here is from 1930 and it’s gonna make some really

interesting correlations between the Higgs boson the God particle

timelines identification of such things we’re going to follow that around a

little bit and we’re going to talk about um Mary Curry Mary Curry the founder

or so-called founder credited with the discovery of radium and polonium and

several other elements um her history is quite murky

and as I’ve stated before [Music] um the secrets of aerial flight article

um blows that whole narrative out of the water as it’s stating the name which

and the use of the substance and how it was already being used it was already

well known in Austria-Hungary quote Bohemia at the time and

um further on in this series we’re going to get into Bohemian class

um the kind of idea of the Grail the healing cup

that they found they could impregnate glass with radium but they called a uranium glass but

turns out a lot more of it actually was radiant based than uranium based and the

glass would glow green and they found that they could put water in these cups and the cups

would be vitalized so to say um

impregnated with the radium from the glass so that’ll be further on in this but to

keep this short and sweet we’re going to jump into these articles here we’re going to make some correlations between the foundings of CERN

um Mary Curry or Mercury you know no no coincidence there with

the name and how important Mercury was in synthesizing

radium from Pitch blend um it was very important I hope I have that

article ready actually um very little perfect idea okay

um yeah and why I think that her name is Mary Curry Mercury because of the

importance of that substance without it you synthesizing radium from Pitch blend

would have been far more difficult and expensive and technologically would have been nearly

impossible until the late 30s or 20s even but the Germans or the

austro-hungary in group which eventually transitions into the Nazi party

they knew about radium 30 years before the Americans did

and probably far far longer you know again I’ve been discussing the kind of

idea that we’ve been slowly relearning or re-engineering

what existed in these previous ages Atlantean or um you know whatever number plates you

want to apply to it but but yeah so again thanks for being here with me I’ve only been able to record two

episodes two new materials worth in the last few weeks here

so hopefully you’re enjoying the series because I certainly am I wish I had more time to put larger episodes together

um so as I stated we’re going to hop around between um the Bohemian glass the the Holy Grail

um you know kind of correlating it with the elixir of Life stuff that I said about the Iridium spring water

um the correlations with Florida um but yeah so anyways thanks for being

here let’s get let’s get reading here

so again this is from the Sunday star Washington DC 19

30. we’re going to start right over here on the side

artificial radium rays are created

I want to make sure it’s not blurry for you guys okay perfect unlimited voltage furthers Atomic

Research into field of nuclei we’ll also make some correlations

further along the line to why possibly Tesla moved from New York to Colorado

the radium capital of the world and why I believe that his Advanced

knowledge and high high voltage was incredibly important and played a very

very prominent role in advancing a lot of these uh Secret

Technologies artificial production of rays

hitherose secured only from radium has been accomplished at the terrestrial

magnetism Laboratory uh sorry about that

my poodle decided to join the recording so he is in the office with me okay

ah where was I okay accomplished at the terrestrial terrestrial

magnetism laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington we’re going to dive into them a little bit

um they’re definitely worthy of a whole episode [Music] um you know similar to The Standard

um Chemical Company the division of Standard Oil who was

propping up and financing Mary Curry behind the scenes with many

of her original experiments giving her the funding to get her first to get her hands on her first radium

so again we have Rockefeller and we have Carnegie financing and doing a lot of these

studies important notes to make there as we get further along to the series we’re going

to correlate there’s a lot to uh the world wars and um we’re gonna hop into apogee

you’ve heard me mention that I haven’t dived too much into it but we’re going to correlate that with uh the secret War

perhaps that was going on between the asters in the carnegies

and that the Titanic may have been

may have covered more ground or had more to do with

Advanced Tech and yeah and what Carnegie and the Asters were up

to but yeah again in due time

with a special with a specially constructed vacuum tube

on which can be impressed as much as two million volts of electricity

again keeping that kind of Tesla um

the the Tesla idea in the back of your mind because we’ll we’ll crisscross some of his uh later experiments that he

conducted while he was in Colorado and why I believe it was directly related to uh these radium high voltage experiments

and may even if I do my uh you know if I Cross My T’s and Dot my eyes it’s going

to correlate nicely with the Philadelphia Experiment 1942.

by this means it is possible to shoot almost at the speed of light heavy

Atomic projectiles under controlled conditions against other atoms at the

same time a method has been worked out by which using a series of concentric metallic cages

it is theoretically possible to obtain Unlimited voltages

ultimately by its use it may be practical to obtain potentials of many millions of volts above ground

birther’s Atomic research the immediate practical purpose of this piece of heavy

artillery shooting bullets at the speed of thousands of miles a second is to study the prop the properties of the

nuclei of atoms at present knowledge of this fundamental unit of nature is largely confined to

the behavior of the light electrons which revolve about the heavy Central Mass of protons like planets around the

Sun radium it is explained emits three kinds of

rays Alpha rays which are the nuclei of

helium beta rays which are simply high speed electrons and gamma rays which are

extremely short light waves similar to x-rays

I’ve also made the correlation before about the idea of the Janus particle

CERN the um the Shiva symbolism Janus

um you know again you know time willing I’ll do a series on Janus and and

um that’ll help people kind of get a little bit better understanding of the

symbology involved here and if you’ve been following my channel long enough you’ve heard me say that I

discuss How the Gods and the warring of the Gods and the Mythos and all this were is it really just a a story

of the elements in the periodic table and so forth and that’ll War of the Gods was really a

war um perhaps of creation but a war of the elements or many many things plasma

being a big part of that right radium plasma voltage

the correlation of the Sun a giant ball of plasma

and the cathode anode principle of the Earth being ground

and the sun in the role it plays and we’re gonna correlate this again with so many things

it’s going to spitball into a sunspot activity weathers weather earthquakes you know

you’ve heard me talk about this that the correlation between earthquakes lightning volcanism

um all this it’s um radium is a huge Link in correlating all

of this together and again so why I made the Janice reference

you know the Sim the symbology of of the Alpha and Omega

and what that symbolizes not only from kind of a mytho poetical standpoint but

also from a um chemist chemical standpoint really

important to remember so yeah we’re dealing with three cut three types of rays as it’s dated Alpha

Beta in gamma the alpha and beta Rays have Energies as represented by the velocities as

great as they would acquire if they had been accelerated from a state of Rest by Electric potentials ranging from 100 000

to several million volts the velocity of the gamma rays is

identical with that of light mystery particle produced

when the alpha rays of radium strike hydrogen atoms a fourth type of Ray is

produced as a secondary effect the so-called h

particle this is a proton from the nucleus of the atom more than one thousand times

heavier than an electron but far simpler in composition than the helium nucleus

or alpha particle now the Higgs particle or the God particle

wasn’t named in the 1930s wasn’t even really identified now after doing some digging I thought

perhaps they meant that this is some form of a helium particle and that’s certainly not what they’re referring to

so like Mary Curry who filled a role and a namesake that gives you an

identification marker to again a element that had already been identified

and well known perhaps for thousands and thousands of years

and was just being relearned as we had to back engineer so many things after

some kind of cataclysm could this be the same with the H

particle as it stated earlier above they were using high voltage

and they were they had a machine in which they were using a vacuum tube

with millions of volts to shoot particles together and this mystery particle they produced

is called the H particle again remember this is 1930.

so let’s get back into the article it is ideal ammunition for the heavy artillery of the atomic world but hithero has been

obtained only with radium bombardments in the new vacuum tubes these H

particles are produced directly and have a penetrating power of about four

centimeters in air when accelerated by approximately a million volts

so they dissipate quite quickly by penetrating the atom with the heavy H

particle and nothing its deflections and other behavior when it strikes the

heavier proton much information can be secured on the forces encountered and

the interior of the atom which now are practically unknown to

science no effort has been made to produce the alpha Rays so far there has been no

speculation on the biological possibilities of the big gun

Beyond providing safety for the workers you know again time permitting in the

future we’ll talk about the some of the public hypothesizing

that came to you know these uh the atomic age and these h-bombs hydrogen bombs now again

this H particles not hydrogen either so what are they referring to and I’ve

hypothesized that perhaps some of these quote nuclear weapons were radium weapons or light weapons

but more on that in the future unlimited voltage possible it was by

bombardment of nitrogen gas with alpha particles that sir Earnest Rutherford in

England has produced the only actual trans mutation of elements

securing hydrogen atoms but the alpha particle is complex Ammunition To Handle

now again Rutherford’s experiments with with

Mercury as well as helium were very important the correlations again that

the idea that the Philosopher’s Stone was radium due to the fact that again radium has

almost no half-life and a byproduct of its existence is helium

very interesting and I made the correlation you know early on that when I’m talking about

kind of that again that mythopoetical understanding of of you know as above so

below as within so without that these these um chemicals and elements represent

um living forces so to say and perhaps we’re given the kind of

anapomorphized and you have raw the Sun and Hell you know helium and

the relation between the two right they’re kind of Warring but keeping keeping each other stable but at war

with one another very interesting idea

the new high voltage apparatus which was placed on display at the Carnegie Institution today may have even greater

significance it is pointed out in operation each alternate cage in a

series is charged to a relatively low voltage spark gaps make connection between

alternate pairs of cages and when spark over occurs all the

electric fields in One Direction are wiped out while all of those in the opposite

direction remain the remaining fields are cumulative toward the innermost cage

the latter thus being raised to a high voltage this is

similar in principle not quite in in construction to the the magnetic tubes

that they’re using today in CERN and the advanced choline and distances

involved and speeds involved and why titled this thumbnail the way I did

and uh we’ll make more correlations further on here but Methods at present and use for the

production of high voltages says the report on this mechanism are limited by the production of Corona or spark over

at the point of the highest voltage this new method removes this limitation

and theoretically makes possible Unlimited voltages

now we’ll discuss these alternate pairs of cages and make more correlations to

Tesla attack and Tesla apparatus

mechanisms because they are very much related to his work

and why that’s important and why he backed up and went to Colorado crystallization is traced the so-called

tin pest a phenomenon which has puzzled science since 10 first was introduced to

Commerce by Phoenician Traders um yeah you know I talk about the food

issues all the time anyway we get into Brit 10 you know the Phoenicians the fin the Finney

um you know the eye the ivory the Irish um Ireland or

or of the chaldees um the keepers of the flame

the the migrants from Atlantis um and Britton Britain the land of ten

uh how important that was to the Finn the finish the Phoenicians

and Y was such an important trade you know the narrative we’re giving today for the different types of materials

created I think were a little far from reality ordinary white tin

is only stable above 65 degrees Fahrenheit

below this temperature it is likely to invert into a gray powder

this same behavior occurs in all articles containing 10 when exposed in cold places for a long time

by studying the behavior of substances under high temperatures the Carnegie scientists have made clear

the subject of polymorphism of materials at different temperature ranges

the material Remains the Same chemically but the form of the crystals changes

each form having distinct physical properties such as density and melting point

it has been found that there are few solids which do not exist in more than one form at different temperatures and

pressures silica the best known form of quartz assumes at least six different forms

between room temperature and white heat bet you didn’t know that

thus the tin passed the ten past

Tempest is seen to be a purely physical reaction

due to the changing crystalline form of the metal by developing knowledge of polymorphism

it is pointed out an important tool is placed in the hands of scientists studying the past history of the Earth

at different temperatures the constitutes of the Earth’s crust have undergone

various crystalline changes which have left traces behind some of these can be detected and thus

the greatest heat to which the substance has been subjected can be ascertained

now this is really important I’ve talked about how the discovery of radium

where it lies in the strata what is pitch blend

the kind of alchemical story The alchemical Journey

um kind of in a literal sense when it comes to understanding radium and how it affects the Physical Realm but there is

a there is a um metaphysical

correlation here but we won’t get into that here and at different temperatures you know

they’re talking about the Earth’s crust the crystalline nature of the Earth’s crust and you’ve heard me talk about pole

shifts uh the the huge temperature changes right I’ve shared the articles about how

the mammoths could have been frozen instantly right in just a few seconds

how huge swaths of land either moved at tremendous speeds away from the poles

towards the poles even and thus freezing instantly

or how through a fissure cracking of the Earth’s crust or

something along those lines of vent huge amounts of the Subterranean Waters

as the flood States you know the majority of the water came from underneath

that the oceans may not have existed and that the oceans may be quote relatively new

and you know Noah’s flood the Deluge The Vapor canopy the fall of the giant trees

and all these things could be correlated to a singular event although I won’t go as far as to say

that as I really truly believe that but it seems far more likely that these events fall into a much closer timeline

certainly not billions certainly not Millions um but in a biblical sense making much much

more narrow our view of historical events and the Earth’s crust the kind of

plastic nature of such and how rapid weather Rapid temperature changes

could cause again mountains to rise in in hours

land masses to sink beneath the Seas or be buried under the Seas or that the Seas didn’t exist and

that there were really only just the rivers the Seven Rivers right

but yeah so back to the point here again the first CERN experiments the creation

and identification of the quote Higgs boson the Collision of particles would not be

possible without radium identifying a very important person

again Mary Curry Mary Curry Mercury the Carnegie Institution of Washington

we’re going to look at them really quick and then we’ll look at Mary Curry actually I want to read one more here

this is from 1920 the Washington Times ounce or two of matter to turn wheels of

industry in future we’ve heard me talk about the Perpetual Steam engines

um now again you can’t find like patents or anything like this but I do without a

doubt believe the Germans who again through the Bohemian mines

Austria-Hungary were mining radium in that area

who knows how long well into the 1800s maybe even earlier I would say much earlier

and the correlation between bioluminescence living organisms how

radium exists in my new particles and even us today um so on and so forth and

that they were using this technology harvesting harnessing sorry this technology in their submarines their

dirigibles you know they’re zeppelins and that

could be a huge Factor not only again in World War one but World War II

um I’ll make a pretty serious case about not only were the Nazis huge Relic Hunters but they were

also stealing radium from governments around the world

um the main reason I wanted to read this we’re just going to skip ahead for the sake of time with 30 minutes in already

um so this is like an uh an ask an answer right the author asking questions

sir Oliver Lodge um

but yeah so um you know let’s let’s just do the whole thing

again once or two ounce or two of matter to turn wheels of Industry

every form of physical activity requires power

and so power or energy is the most pressing material need of man

fuel at present has to reduce heat before it can be made a source of energy

and Mankind is therefore up against the conception of temperature and the inexorable law of efficiency

heat can only be used when it falls in temperature from a hotter water to a cooler body and is liable readily to

fall in temperature without being utilized if the temperature of combustion could be used in a

frictionless flame turbine more of the fuel energy could be utilized now we’re

going to correlate that again once we get into some of our Sunspot correlations that sunspots act like

dynamos and the effect that that has on our

Earth and the kind of again the asbo So Below the anode cathode relation between the Sun and Earth

and again he’s talking about the temperature fluctuations that’s kind of again really relating to the previous

article about the so-called plastic nature of uh the

plates and how we do essentially live on top of a giant ocean so to say

everywhere you go is if you can dig dig deep enough you’re likely to find water

but yeah so again animals and Baltic voltek batteries and use chemical energy

without the production of heat save in the former cause what is necessary for

warmth unfortunately chemicals are very expensive and it still pays better to conduct electrochemical operations by

Aid of a Dynamo important important fact the leaves of trees and vegetables

generally are able to absorb utilize and store solar energy without much regard to any hampering law of efficiency

the moral is to promote agricultural operations of every kind solar rays Fallen upon Barren soil or hopeless

jungle are a reflection upon Humanity it kind of waste that ought not occur the process to the progress of Factor

bacteriological science might make every soil fertile even rocks could be dynamited into something and jungles and

swamps could be cleared wind and water power also come from present-day sunshine and it is

economical to use them where we can but I do not regard with hope the idea of converting present Sunshine into low

temperature boiler Heat by means of burning gases and mirrors those who have watched Atlantic rollers

booming into Creeks have felt that surely here is available power it is possible to imagine a Dreadnought

attached by a long girder to Rack work machinery and being hoisted up and down

by the waves this would give a good many foot tons every minute

but I apprehend that the power of the future will be derived from atomic energy and by atomic energy I mean the

energy which has made the atom what it is a radium atom firing off a particle

which is now known to be a positively charged atom of helium

is like a two-ton gun firing a 100 pound shot before settling down into acquired

existence as lead again the correlation of lead to gold or LED

to radium as I state is kind of the Hidden you know

the hidden secret of the Alchemist and uh I’ve shown enough articles that many

of these scientists were like were kind of flirting with that same idea the Prima Materia had been found in the

pitch blend the Black Earth that Not only was related directly to the lodestone

but so many things Consciousness you know radium I think is a

really big key you know metaphysically physically so many things again before settling down into acquired

existence as lead so radium to lead or at least chemically indistinguishable from lead it fires off five such

particles a uranium atom has already fired off four projectiles to become radium

radium is a temporary halfway house between uranium and Lead

temporary but temporary over a little very large span

of time but again I’ve kind of broken down the the half-life if you follow the the

evolution of radium and the elements that come from it as it finds its way to lead it’s it’s quite remarkable

um for more information on that you can look it to my Scarab video where I discuss the symbolism of the scarab

beetle um I get into bismuth radium so on and so forth

again radium is a temporary halfway house between uranium and Lead it is active but not so fiercely active as

some of the intermediate substances which last so short a time that they barely have names the lifetime of radium

is of the order of a thousand years whereas the lifetime of some of the intermediate substances might be

measured in weeks or even minutes yet they are real elements radium is not exceptional all substances

of high atomic weight are liable to behave in a similar fashion we do not yet know how to set up the

explosion of atoms either the heavy shots in which atoms of again this predates the previous article

by 10 years so here they are theorizing exactly as they’re stating in the 10-year plus

article where they’re using high voltage and colliding the particles right

um probably could have read this one first but really what I wanted to get at was the discussion of

um the power of the atom um the the transitional period from radium to lead

what’s going on in between there um and as they get further on into the 30s

they realize what radium does to The Ether and how important that is that

correlates with my articles on electricity lightning and

the atmospheric antennas they were utilizing radium in these kind of antiquotec Notions that everyone’s

used to hearing in these kind of tartarius segments and how radiant played a very important role in that

the speed with which the helium atoms are emitted is about one

one-tenth that of light sufficient to carry from New York to London if there were no obstructions in about a quarter

of a second their energy thereof weight for weight is a million times that of a bullet

discharge from a rifle it is possible to estimate the atomic energy contained in any reasonably small

quantity of matter say a piece of Blackboard shock used by a lecturer moving at one tenth the speed of light

it would be 300 million foot tons enough to raise 100 tons three thousand feet

I feel that we are on the brink of making a discovery with regard to the utilization of this source of energy I

do not believe that our descendants will be consuming stored materials such as coal using chemical energy or burning up

the air when they wish to drive Machinery they will be taking the energy out of an ounce or two of matter instead

out of a thousand tons of coal yeah I agree completely and uh again

that’s kind of why the correlation there between the uh Tech that has got kind of been hidden

away or disposed of or utilized by you know more secretive sources

um and before we get for the last part of the video we’ll go we’ll dive into Mary Curry we’ll talk a

little bit more about CERN we’ll show the correlations between those two um and we’ll finish up talking a little

bit about the the Carnegie Carnegie Institution for magnetism and and what that really suggests and what they go on

to further uh invest their money into I wanted to go back to my secrets of

aerial flights revealed um but not only will this transition us into the next uh radium episode I do

which is going to be diving into apogee making correlations between the Aster family and his obsession with uh apogee

but uh wholeheartedly radium and um for those that hadn’t seen this yet

or um don’t remember it exactly there’s some verbiage here that’s really important

um kind of hearkening back to the first article I read um you know and the the colliding of of

particles and and so on and so forth but also the timeline right so this article

is from 1897. and Madame Curry in the discovery of

radiums made in 1898 where she’s given the notoriety of not only discovering

them the the uh element but also naming it but as we’ll

show here it was known of and already known as radium

so I’m not going to read the whole article uh my first episode in the playlist on the radium playlist is about

the sequence of aerial flight where I go in this and I dive more into some of the kind of uh correlations I make between

secret Tech and radium-based um um Energies

the law of gravity overcome greater force okay so this is jumping ahead so we’re going to go radium is as

yet the only material I know of that will retain the apergic force

you surely must as a chemist know said my host that neither synthetic nor analytical chemistry will satisfactorily

account for certain phenomenon constantly occurring the world will never learn true science

until it is ready to learn from Nature’s open books everything in the material universe is

constructed upon a system of Triads in other words there are always three phases or conditions of the same thing

water may be a solid a liquid or a gas and in each manifestation be only water

just so in everything electricity is known to be many many as only positive and negative while

in fact its third condition is never absent although unrecognized and apple falls to the ground from the

tree and science announces that a subtle Force called gravity brought the Apple down

but as the second or third it’s phase but as to

the second or third phase science knows nothing and in fact it’s apparently too conceited to desire to learn

I have learned something about the opposite Force the second phase of gravity I call apogee the boat that you

saw Swain in the yard has its roof stored with a purgy sufficient to cause it to lift the boat

with me in it and soar to any height that I may wish I’m going to skip ahead to just cover

the technology we’re discussing here okay the inner sides of the boat are lined

with a are lined with a number of thin bands of

specially pre-paired Metals forming in fact a very powerful storage battery of

the dry type as no liquid is required perhaps you might better understand it

by comparing it to a laden jar only its discharge is slow not all at once there

are two complete systems of these bands each insulated from each other when I use the the beat I first charge

one set of bands with positive electricity from Yonder Dynamo and then

charge the other set with negative electricity from the same source now why this is important is it

correlates again to oh my apologies when I hop between my PDF

files and my picture files which when I get

these from different sources so again I wasn’t showing you so I

apologize for those that have not seen this my first episode in the radium series The secretarial flight revealed

absolutely a must it’s definitely probably the best episode to start with I break down the importance of the date

what’s going on here um you know the kind of the correlation between the ancient Technologies and so

on and so forth but yeah and while I was stating with the with

the batteries this the technology this gentleman is stating here although it seems a bit abstract and I know it’s

hard to maybe hard to picture due to my the way I’m reading it but it correlates almost perfectly with the same type of

battery design that they’re using um in the experiment with the CERN device and how they’re generating a ton

of voltage now this gentleman isn’t trying to generate a ton of voltage he’s probably looking for more amperage in the voltage but the but the battery

system is almost identical and it correlates a lot to um some of the the high alpha batteries

we see today when I use the beat I first charge again

so he charges one band and it charges the other right and they they jump then I joined the light poles of the two

systems and of course thus connected get no current that would be measurably uh by any ordinary galvanometer one

system is neutralizing the other but now using the two systems of bands connected as a single circuit I charge them with a

further current of what you may call static electricity and create a force which applied to

certain materials capable of storing it as does radium produces apogee in that

material I can weaken or destroy the apogee in the radium by a reversal of the direction of the applied current

now again what is that experiment that we were starting off with in the correlations between CERN he’s

fluctuating this current right using the radium as

the energy source but fluctuating the current to manipulate that energy source and in the CERN experiment they’re

accelerating in fact going as high voltage as they can possibly create

using the vacuum tubes to then Collide these particles a micro version of of CERN

with the same technology and why the secret why radium is held so secretly

when it comes to these uh these nuclear

um experiments and uses of of these of these elements

I can weaken or destroy the apogee thus I am able to increase or diminish

the buoyancy of the boat so we’re talking about static electricity which again the manipulation

of radium and The Ether affects that quote static electricity greatly

did you ever think that was The Marvelous power that maintains the planets in their positions as regards to

the sun gravity alone will not fill the requirements that Force alone would simply

precipitate them upon the Sun but apogee acting with gravity holds them as they

are the epergic force of the sun repels and his gravity attracts

um this is exactly what they were finding in comets um you know they kept coming up with all

sorts of of irregularities when they were doing their calculations in the early mathematical

um calculations when it came to comments and their um you know what they supposed their Mass to be in their relation to the sun

and their movements and how the their elliptical orbits also the fact that many of the tales of

comets would be reversed from the Sun and would change direction so it’d be like a

pointing away but then they found some comets where the tail was literally sucking towards the Sun

showing a obvious magnetic relation and later on into the 30s

they quite profoundly come to the conclusion that radium plays a drastic role in

the correlation between the Sun and these comets and the kind of pestilence right because

when these comets in their tails um bombard

our Realm um radiation poisoning is a

huge um cause

these pestilence are very much related and have a lot of overlap with radiation

sickness radiation poisoning but also the correlation with the sunspots and

radium and and how they affect the magma lava

the plastic nature um the temperature of these kind of

layers in which we inhabit and why comets could rot such different forms of

discret Destruction from just providing a light show in the sky and I’ve again I’ve correlated the

Aurora Borealis and in a lot of the articles about that and how radiant played an important role in identifying

the um relationship between the Aurora Borealis the sun Sunspot Cycles comets

and so on okay where was I but apogee acting with

gravity holds them as they are the apergic force of the sun right okay in meantime as the sun is swiftly moving

himself through space his family of satellites is moving with him and the apergic force harmoniously blended with

the gravitic force so it doesn’t quite sound like it in that

terminology but we’re describing a stationary Earth with the Sun moving and

the comets and planets as we know them or the seven wandering Stars

following that same force and apogee being the force that harmoniously blended with the gruvitic force circles

them around the central power or the reason that the two forces are never always exactly of the same

intensity they regularly alternate one is always a little more powerful than the other

not being in nature is absolutely uniform she abhors many things besides a

vacuum there is no such thing as a perfect circle in nature

so I wanted to kind of do that just so like we could get back to again identifying the

timeline gaps and how important that is with the identification and discovery of radium how that kind of blows it all

apart not only that the terminology is incredibly Advanced there the word apogee is going to transition us into

our next video um and we’ll finish up here we’ll talk a little bit about CERN

um CERN again the European Organization for nuclear research

stems almost directly from the Carnegie Institution for Science

um the Rockefeller institution of chemistry plays a large role there as well

um but yeah so it was established in 1954

years after the first article we started where the original um

tube Collision H particle identification studies were done so quite a long time

it is based in a suburb of Geneva now Geneva is gets its name from Janus

no coincidences there it’s also in a region where

um known as helvetia in ancient region before Switzerland had

its name and one of the largest forms of worship

there was a a person called sir nunos sir nunos

sir nunos has direct correlations with Janus uh he was a god of portals gateways

um Realms interdimensional realms um psychedelic experiences

um dream state many things but again CERN gets its name

from sir nunos um the God of this region

Geneva or Janus the god of Gods the god of portals

the two-faced God the god of the particle of magnetism of the anode cathode the two opposing forces

but yeah um I wanted to go all the way down here just for the sake of time

oh maybe it wasn’t here there’s so much symbology I’m sure plenty of you have seen it

um you know Shiva is has a lot of overlay so Janus in a

destroyer of worlds but really it’s it’s Mary Curry Mary

Curry the the woman credited with the discovery of radium we’ll do a quick little read through of her

um in this Slavic name this surname this is her surname Maria okay but she goes by Mary Curry

known simply as Mary Curry okay this is her maiden name her husband’s last name was Curry no

coincidence there um interesting upbringing you’re more than welcome to uh do a deeper dive on

her if you want but again I’m not going to go too deep into it

um I just wanted to make a quick correlation discern one of the first statues put up at Stern

was her really important

um yeah no coincidence there as one of the most famous scientists in

history Mary Curry has become an icon in the scientific world and has received tributes from across the globe even in

the realm of pop culture she’s also received many honorary degrees from universities across the

world um but yeah really really interesting I

remember the first time I ever found out that they had a bust of her at CERN I I knew that there couldn’t be a

coincidence between the hydron collider the God particle and radium experiments

and it wasn’t long until I was able to find this article and boy how important it really is

um identifying that the H particle the the quote his boson was identified far

earlier than we’re told and you know one of those things I’m sure where the Carnegie Institution had to kind of take

things behind closed doors and you find that after 1930 there’s almost nothing scientifically at least a

new scientific Ventures that come from uh radium experiments

uh the Carnegie Institution I mean I’m sure many of you are familiar with that that name but they’re tied up with

so many things um and it gets really interesting when we get into World War II in in the Bush

family as he took over became president but you just go through the uh the kind

of different presidents that were affiliated with the Carnegie Institution and it’s a long list of quote

philanthropists you know what I mean and uh yeah but they go on to do so much

stuff um a lot of of uh virology and embryology

um agricultural stuff that kind of correlates again with uh some of the

hybridization and um yeah and they’re one of the the

main funders of eugenics and that’s for a whole nother show

sometime because I’m I’m sure that subject isn’t isn’t new to a lot of you guys but uh yeah

really important noteworthy correlates again to the kind of cancer treatment industry and so many

things right they pounded a lot of cancer treatments and the misrepresentation of radium and what

it was used for but yeah before I uh take any more good time I just want to thank you for uh tuning in and being

here and uh sticking with me through this kind of Hiatus I hope you

enjoyed the episode and look forward to next episode we’re going to dive into

this apogee uh we’re gonna look at all early sources for the term again that article that I showed about

the secrets of varial flight is one of the first times you can even find that word mentioned we’re going to correlate it with the Aster family what he thought

of apogee um some of his original books what he thought about apogee and radium how they

were correlated um his kind of Atlantean look at radium

and advanced technology and so on and so forth and how that correlates with my theory about the Titanic and how that

dives into all of this but yeah so again stay tuned for that and thanks for being here and uh let me

know what you think thanks guys have a wonderful night

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