Popularity of Music Genres — AI now reveals molding,melding and manipulation of modern music — Rick Beato: “You Won’t Believe These NEW Trends In Music”

According to CGPT —

Rick Beato is a well-known musician, music producer, and educator who has gained significant popularity on YouTube for his insightful analysis of music theory, songwriting techniques, and the music industry in general. Beato’s content covers a wide range of topics, from deconstructing popular songs to discussing music production methods and interviewing prominent figures in the music world.

Regarding new trends in music, Beato often provides commentary on emerging styles, shifts in popular music, and the evolving landscape of the music industry. Some of the trends he has discussed include:

  1. Genre Blending and Fusion: Beato has observed a growing trend of artists blending elements from multiple genres to create fresh and innovative sounds. This includes blending hip-hop with rock, electronic music with folk, or combining elements of various cultural music traditions.
  2. DIY Music Production: With advancements in technology and the accessibility of recording equipment and software, more musicians are producing and releasing music independently. Beato often discusses the democratization of music production and the opportunities it presents for artists to create and distribute their music without relying on traditional record labels.
  3. Streaming and Digital Distribution: The rise of streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube has transformed the way music is consumed and distributed. Beato explores the implications of streaming for artists, including its impact on revenue, exposure, and audience reach.
  4. Revival of Analog: Despite the dominance of digital technology, there’s a growing interest in analog recording techniques, vintage equipment, and vinyl records. Beato discusses the resurgence of analog aesthetics and the appeal of warm, nostalgic sound qualities.
  5. Diversification of Influences: With the global interconnectedness facilitated by the internet, musicians have greater access to diverse musical influences from around the world. Beato explores how this cross-pollination of musical styles and cultures is leading to the creation of hybrid genres and novel sonic textures.
  6. Return to Live Performance: In recent years, there has been a renewed emphasis on live performance and the concert experience. Beato discusses the importance of touring and live shows for artists, as well as the challenges and opportunities they present.

Overall, Rick Beato provides valuable insights into the ever-changing landscape of music, offering analysis and commentary that resonate with both musicians and music enthusiasts alike. His observations on new trends in music help shed light on the dynamic nature of musical creativity and expression in the modern era.

AI compiles trends in music, from Billboard charts.

What is happening in music overall.

Topics of songs.  How many words in titles.  Genres.


2024 — Popularity in Music Styles

Genre Pct
Hip-Hop 27%
Pop 27%
Country 20%
Rock 19%
R&B 9%
Latin 6%
Dance/EDM 3%



150% massive leap in country music in 2023 since 2022 (1 year).


Hip-hop halves in one year’s time.

“I think people are getting tired of hip-hop.” — Rick Beato, 2:15 in

It might also be due to the lustmorde nature at the founding core of Hip-Hop, RE the ‘too-many’ accounts of “weirdness” of hip-hop founders, KRS-ONE, AFRIKA BAMBAATAA, now apparently vanished.  Youtube search brings up the gory details https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=krs-one+pedophilia —- Professor Griff of “Public Enemy” infamy also delves into this in his infamous classic bookstore rant.  The spirit and intent behind the music matters.  Muchly.  And, people pick up on that, eventually if not immediately.


That is Hip-hop at the top, in red, that has halved.


Popularity of Music Genres, 2019-2023

Genre / Year20192020202120222023
Dance / Club / EDM2%1%3%5%3%
Hip-Hop / Rap53%58%48%43%27%
R&B / Soul10%8%10%13%9%
https://ilnk.org/2/1zb0c - per Rick Beato, from ChartCypher

https://ilnk.org/2/1zb0c – per Rick Beato, from ChartCypher


Chart-Cypher is the AI company monitoring music trends —


RB goes on about the 2-to-1 difference in song length — avg 5 minutes in 1990s, up from avg 2 minutes in 1960s, back down to avg 2 minutes in 2020s.

2 thoughts on “Popularity of Music Genres — AI now reveals molding,melding and manipulation of modern music — Rick Beato: “You Won’t Believe These NEW Trends In Music””

  1. From the comments — “Grass root does not move so quickly on its own — mainly, the trends up tend to hold, after taking some time to take hold. These single-year radical changes strongly indicate manipulation. And since Dave McGowan showed the military intelligence direct involvement with all major musical acts, is there any wonder cultural manipulation is afoot? Words are strong. Music is stronger. Be wary what you let into your body, be that through your mouth, eyes, ears or otherwise (microwaves).”

  2. Early Lennon Honor youtubes dug into the very extreme profanity in hip-hop and rap songs. Pastor of Ex-Ministries, G. Craige Lewis, also dug into the Satanica and other high (and low) weirdness encoded into rap and rock songs. Words carry meaning and impact. Music much moreso. Be careful what you let into your mind, body and spirit. Good vibrations reveals importance too often overlooked.


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