Dr Ning Li, Redstone Arsenal researcher — The disappearance of America’s leading anti-gravity researcher




### The Enigmatic Dr. Ning Li and Her Quest for Anti-Gravity

In the shadowed halls of theoretical physics and the corridors of Redstone Arsenal, the name Dr. Ning Li resonates with an air of mystery and wonder. Her pioneering work on anti-gravity and levitation has tantalized both the scientific community and the public, leaving a trail of intrigue and speculation.

Dr. Ning Li, a Chinese-American physicist, was once a notable figure at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Her groundbreaking research, primarily focused on anti-gravity, proposed the possibility of creating gravity-like fields artificially. This concept, if proven, could revolutionize the way we perceive and interact with the gravitational force, leading to advancements in space travel, transportation, and energy.

At the core of Dr. Li’s work was the theory that rotating ions within a superconductor could produce a gravitational field, an idea that stemmed from her deep understanding of electromagnetism and quantum mechanics. She posited that by manipulating the spin of these ions, one could generate a gravitational force that could be used for propulsion and levitation, essentially creating an anti-gravity effect.

Her research in the 1990s at Redstone Arsenal, a key U.S. Army post known for its development in missile and rocket technology, garnered attention and funding. Reports suggest that Dr. Li had even established her own company, AC Gravity LLC, to further her research in anti-gravity technology, indicating a serious commitment to her theory’s potential applications.

However, Dr. Li’s story is not without its enigmas. In the early 2000s, she seemingly vanished from the public eye, leading to a swirl of rumors and conjectures. Some speculated that her disappearance was due to the secretive nature of her work, possibly indicating success in her anti-gravity experiments, while others feared that her research hit insurmountable obstacles or was absorbed into classified military projects, shrouded in secrecy.

Despite the lack of concrete updates on her work, the theoretical foundation Dr. Li laid has had a lasting impact on the physics community. Her ideas have inspired other scientists to explore the possibilities of manipulating gravitational fields, leading to research in emergent gravity theories and experimental tests of gravity modification.

The enigmatic journey of Dr. Ning Li serves as a testament to the tantalizing allure of the unknown in scientific exploration. Her work on anti-gravity, rooted in the complex interplay of electromagnetism and quantum mechanics, challenges our understanding of fundamental forces and opens the door to possibilities that once seemed relegated to the realm of science fiction.

As the years pass, the legend of Dr. Ning Li continues to grow, feeding the imagination of those who dare to dream about defying gravity. Whether her research will eventually lead to a breakthrough in anti-gravity technology remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: Dr. Ning Li’s legacy in the world of theoretical physics and her association with Redstone Arsenal will continue to fascinate and inspire for generations to come.





now this is going to sound crazy but

there is actual evidence to suggest that

the US military was experimenting with

anti-gravity technology starting in the

early 2000s and continuing until at

least the

mid-2010s strap on your tinfoil hats

because I want to talk to you about the

anti-gravity research of Chinese

American physicist ning Lee and her work

with the US Army out of the Redstone

Arsenal this is hands down the strangest

story I’ve ever discussed on this

platform because you SE not long after

Dr ning Lee signed a contract with the

US military to move her anti-gravity

research out of the realm of the

theoretical and into practical

experimentation she disappeared creating

what’s become among the most pervasive

mysteries in modern internet history

let’s talk about the enigmatic

anti-gravity research and The

Disappearance of ning Lee I’m Alex

hulings and this is a pretty weird

episode of air

power ning Lee was a physicist who was

born in China in 1943 but by the age of

40 her and her husband decided to leave

China and immigrate to the United States

in 1983 she found her way to Huntsville

Alabama Alabama now Alabama may seem

like an unusual choice for a physicist

but in truth Huntsville Alabama has a

long and stored history of being at the

Forefront of space and Military

Technologies in the days following World

War II the US Army’s Redstone Arsenal

out of Huntsville Alabama became the

centerpiece of ongoing experimentation

with recovered German V2 rockets that

would go on to become the basis for both

American space programs and ballistic

missile efforts

and today Huntsville is still the

centerpiece of numerous ongoing

technological efforts with numerous

research facilities throughout the city

limits established by the University of

Alabama and the Department of Defense

not to mention more than a dozen

Aerospace contractors with offices

inside Huntsville including Lockheed

Martin northr Grumman Boeing General

atomics and more put simply Huntsville

Alabama is where a great deal of

groundbreaking research is done and ning

Lee wanted to be a part of that by right

around 1990 ning Lee had managed to

secure herself a position as a research

scientist at the University of Alabama’s

Center for space plasma and aeronomic

research and it was in this position

that she would soon find some degree of

celebrity you see the following year in

1991 ning teamed up with fellow

physicist Douglas T to publish a series

of peer-reviewed papers outlining their

theoretical approach to beating back

gravity in these controversial papers

ning and Tor described their theoretical

approach to what they called a quote

practical anti-gravity effect now in

this context practical doesn’t

necessarily mean something that would

work well right out of the box but

rather something that based on their

Theory could be done outside of

laboratory settings and as such would

have really practical use cases now

unsurprisingly their Theory reads as

fairly complex to a Layman like me

outlining how through the intentional

rotation of ions they could create a

gravimetric field perpendicular to the

access of the ion Spin and by aligning

those rotating ions properly into a

lattice they call a Bose Einstein

condensate you could produce a strong

repulsive force that could in theory

counteract gravity now it’s important to

remind you here that while these papers

were written by respected physicists and

were published by respected journals

after going through the peerreview

process they were nonetheless

theoretical neither ning Lee nor Douglas

T were claiming to have already beaten

gravity instead they were claiming to

have devised a theoretical road map

toward doing so the inevitable Next Step

was experimentation and in 1997 ning Lee

now joined by physicists David neever

Tony Robertson Ron costore and Whit

Brantley published another paper this

new paper entitled static test for a

gravitational force coupled to type 2

ybco superconductors outlined very real

results to ning Le’s theoretical

approach to anti-gravity now to be clear

they weren’t making anything float

around the lab but they did report what

they considered to be anomalous

fluctuations in the weight of a static

test mass that they had suspended above

a spinning superconductor I’ll just go

ahead and explain it in their words from

a portion of the abstract of that paper

recent experiments have reported

anomalous weight loss for a test Mass

suspended above a rotating type 2 ybco

superconductor with a percentage change


05 to

2.1% Independent of the test masses

chemical composition and diamagnetic

properties in other words these test

masses they had suspended above a


superconductor actually lost weight not

much weight mind you just 05 to 2.1% of

its own overall weight but nonetheless

that’s pretty incredible stuff and by

stuff I mean legitimate scientific

research with actually substantiated

evidence to suggest that this process

really could reduce gravity’s pull on an

object now within just two years of this

paper being published ning Lee decided

to leave the University of Alabama and

strike out on her own establishing a new

business called a AC gravity LLC now I

know that in the Alabama Secretary of

State business entity records for ACG

gravity LLC which I’m likely showing on

screen right now you may note that the

entity type for this company is listed

as a foreign limited liability

Corporation now that caught my attention

too but it’s important to know that in

the context of American corporate law a

foreign LLC just means that this company

conducts business in States outside of

the one in which it was originally

established it does not denote a company

that was established outside of the

United States in other words in this

context a foreign limited liability

company just means that this company

sometimes conducts business outside of

the state of Alabama and she was not

alone in believing this burgeoning

technology was promising enough to State

the rest of her career on when she left

her job at the University of Alabama the

chair of the University’s physics

department a physicist named Larry SMY

quit with her taking a job at AC gravity

LLC and just about 2 years later it

looks like that gamble paid off

according to news reports AC gravity

received its first defense department

contract in 2001 worth a reported

$448,900 which adjusted to today’s

inflation is just shy of 800 Grand now

initially I couldn’t find any record of

this contract being awarded other than

Freedom of Information Act requests that

were filed after Dr ning Lee disappeared

but then I stumbled across the

Department of Defense annual report on

Cooperative agreements and other

transactions entered into during fiscal

year 2001 and as boring as that may

sound I hit the jackpot on page 64 of

this report we can find a program

entitled gravito electromagnetic

superconductivity experiment that goes

on to outline the contract awarded to AC

Gravity by the US Army Aviation and

Missile Command I’m going to go ahead

and read you a direct passage from this

document from the section with the

heading extent to which this Cooperative

agreement or other transaction has

contributed to the broadening of the

technology and Industrial base available

for meeting Department of Defense needs

quote this other transaction will allow

the principal researcher Dr Lee to

attempt experimental confirmation of a

theoretical model of forces generated by

type 2 semiconductors and the

possibility of generating and

controlling significant gravitational

forces via this new theory if successful

the payoff would be enormous I.E the

ability to generate gravitational forces

artificially would allow for new forms

of propulsion new ways of controlling

missiles and gun-launched Munitions the

lowering of the weight of heavy Vehicles

I.E making a 70 ton tank appear to we

much less and the potential of

deflecting or countering the guidance

systems of missiles which rely on

inertial guidance like theater or

intercontinental ballistic missiles if

unsuccessful this Avenue can be

eliminated from future efforts and would

put to rest the controversy surrounding

these theories you see that contract was

reportedly good for a year concluding in

2002 and the last time anyone in the

academic world got a good look at ning

Lee or her research was a year after

that in 2003 when she attended a miter

conference now merer is an organization

that manages federally funded research

efforts and ningle not only attended

this conference but she gave a

presentation entitled The measurability

of AC gravity fields and maybe even more

interesting than that she was joined on

stage in this presentation by one of her

colleagues a US Army Officer from the

Redstone Arsenal reportedly assigned to

the US Army’s Aviation and Missile

Command now that means pretty

unequivocally that more than a year

after the conclusion of that initial

contract ning Lee was still working with

the dod but then ning Lee just fell off

the academic radar she stopped

publishing papers stopped making public

appearances and before long people began

to wonder if this promising physicist

who seemed to have unlocked the secret


anti-gravity had gone missing or maybe

worse we did get some tacit confirmation

that ning Lee was still working with the

Department of Defense in 2004 when a

journalist investigating her

disappearance named Tim Ventura didn’t

manage to hunt down ning Lee but did

manage to get in touch with one of her

colleagues another scientist named

Eugene pitov now politov relayed that

she was doing fine and was still working

with the US military but could not offer

any further details into the nature of

their work but after that the trail

pretty much went cold and by 2008 4

years later people were beginning to

fill in the blanks with their own

conspiracy theories starting with a

scientist named Jack sarfati who took to

social media to post that he knew for a

fact that ning Lee had made significant

strides in her anti-gravity efforts but

had since decided to leave the United

States to return to continue her work

for the Chinese government now this idea

that a Chinese citizen would come to the

United States to work work their way

into a position helping to develop

Advanced military Technologies for the

US government only to leave and take

those Technologies back to China with

them very quickly started making the

rounds online because well it’s pretty

believable and this idea got another

boost in traction from the UAP UFO

Community because of the nature of her

work but I can say pretty conclusively

that based on my research this never

happened in fact ning Lee lived in

Huntsville Alabama until the day she

died in 2021 in July of 2023 a

journalist named Noah Logan working for

the Huntsville Business Journal decided

to see if he could get to the bottom of

the disappearance of ning Lee after

watching an excellent video about the

topic published on the YouTube channel

barely sociable I highly recommend that

video I’ll include a link to it in the

description below now Logan’s research

very quickly brought him to the same

conclusion that mine did and OB uary for

one Dr ning Lee published on July 27th

of 2021 by the Barry Hill Funeral Home

out of Huntsville Alabama and this is

definitely the Dr ning Lee that we’re

looking for the obituary States very

clearly that ning Lee was quote one of

the world’s leading scientists in super

conductivity anti-gravity but the

obituary offered very little else in the

way of details except for the name of

ning Le’s son George men who still lived

in the Hun area Logan soon managed to

get a hold of George men and put at

least part of this mystery to bed we now

know that Dr ning Lee continued her work

with the US Department of Defense for

the remainder of her life in fact at one

point her son even asked her about the

secrecy related to her work and she gave

him an excellent answer I’ll quote him

directly here first off you don’t know

anything second off if you even think

you might know something you forget

about it and he said okay that’s fine

her son also shed light on why Dr ning

Lee stopped publishing her work

according to him once she started

working with the Department of Defense

and secured her top secret security

clearance she began working on

classified programs and was no longer

allowed to publish her findings which Dr

ning Lee seemed to not like very much

she loved publishing her work and we

also learned that there was at least a

kernel of Truth to the idea that the

Chinese government wanted ning Lee to

continue her research in China

according to her son CCP officials

visited ningi at her home in 2008 asking

her to leave the United States to return

to China to continue her work there ning

Le rejected the offer and as a result

the Chinese government barred her from

entering the country to attend her

mother’s funeral unfortunately ning’s

story has a tragic end she continued her

work for the US military At Redstone

Arsenal and on the University of Alabama

campus until 2014 when she was walking

with her husband and she was struck by a

car her husband who wasn’t hit was so

shocked by what he saw that he had a

heart attack and passed away ningle

herself suffered brain damage which was

later compounded by Alzheimer’s disease

and she spent the remaining six years of

her life bedridden and being taken care

of by her son she ultimately passed away

in his care in 2021 of course the real

mystery here how far along ning Lee got

and her anti-gravity efforts and whether

or not her theoretical models ever

proved to be truly

effective remains a mystery and likely

will be for some time to come to tell

you the truth I don’t even know what to

make of her publicly available research

I just lack the technical competency

required to really assess how realistic

it might be but the one thing I do know

is that Dr ning Lee was no quack she was

not a pseudo scientist she wasn’t

chasing Fame or even a paycheck this

woman immigrated to the United States at

40 years old and dedicated the following

decades to research and development of

new technologies to benefit the United

States government and Military and while

I can’t say whether or not ning Lee ever

did manage to unlock the secrets to

anti-gravity I can say that the

pervasive narrative surrounding her name

that you can find all over the place

online that this woman snuck into the US

to steal American Secrets only to bring

them back to China is wildly inaccurate

ning Lee may not have been born in the

US but that woman was a patriot and to

call her anything but that is not only

inaccurate it’s pretty crappy too and as

for whether or not anti-gravity is

real I don’t know you guys tell me and

with that ends this very weird edition

of sandbox news I’m Alex hulings make

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