Low Level Details in Output Transformers

The possibly unexpected importance of extreme detail in musical excellence. Research paper from Menno van der Veen, 122nd AES in Vienna, Austria, May 2007 ( PDF, archive ) — Summarily paraphrased: Failing to accurately transfer fine details at low levels, traditional audio output transformers nonlinearly mask the naturalness and purity of music played through them. SOURCE

Universal Audio Output Transformer

Over 90 tube amp topologies examined, further evidence of how audio output transformers inescapably present limitations and compromises. Menno Van der Veen presented at 118th AES a paper detailing a universal audio output transformer system that “includes all possible variations in topologies. The system contains 90 variations (at least) and some of them have never … Read more

Math and Geometry of Music: Linking Sight and Sound

Languages were perhaps once ‘sung’. By Daniel Arthur – “Ancient alphabets were constructed by using visual symbols to represent sounds. Ancient sacred architecture was constructed to send and receive those sounds to and from the gods. Because of that, ancient languages, like Egyptian, Hebrew and Greek were more poetic and musical than our own, with … Read more